Yoga Teacher Training Update

This casual yogi has taken the leap, welcome to the first giddy yoga teacher training update! I’m well into the Seva Teacher Training at Yoga Pod The Woodlands that started in January. This is a 200 hour yoga instructor certification course where I am learning the history of yoga, postures, how to teach and a whole lot more that I probably haven’t even thought about yet.  Eeek! After Yoga Pod opened last summer I’ve considered it my yoga home. I started as a single month participant in order to write a blog about the brand new studio, then became a Karmi Yogi and now am training to become a teacher myself!

I’ve been a casual yogi for about five years, I would go to a class here and there and enjoy it, but not feel a need for yoga as constant in my life. But last year I did more yoga than ever, solidifying the mind/body experience that makes this practice stand apart from traditional exercise. Going into the training I knew there would be a lot to learn about the breath, sequencing and not to mention ALL THOSE POSES! Exciting. Terrifying. And everything in between. But also fun.

Giddy Takeaways from Yoga Teacher Training: Month One

What Am I Doing?
I knew yoga would be different from what I normally teach, more traditional strength training, but just going over the origins of the practice truly highlighted the grandness of yoga’s history. We read the epic story of Bhagavad Gita where Prince Arjuna questions his moral duty. Arjuna is a warrior who is torn as to what action to take in war much like we can be drawn into separate directions in our own lives. One direction I’m stepping toward is slowing down and enjoying balance with my physical activity. I’ve been choosing gentle and restorative classes to rest and relieve my tired muscles. Ahhhhhh!

Yoga is for Every Body
Yoga anatomy videos with Paul Grilley reminded me that not every body moves in the same way. I train a variety of clients and know that each of them move in different ways, but I see them individually and can’t compare what one person’s placement looks like versus another. Paul displayed anatomical differences between bodies by comparing range of motion. There are huge differences between the participants in his video! And it’s not just because some people are more flexible than others due to muscle tension or built up fascia. Compression also plays a part, when bone meets bone.  No matter your issue, you can do yoga it just might not look ‘perfect’. It is yoga practice, not perfect! I still have my fingers crossed for my mom and sisters to join me in class one day!

Fascia is a B*itch!
I talk about fascia every darn day with my personal training clients. I also teach three stretching classes per week, and you bet we use the foam roller to help alleviate built up connective tissue (fascia). I could picture fascia in my mind, but this video actually shows you what fascia looks like in our body. Plus this Gill guy is hilarious.

It’s a Group Thang!
As a long time introvert I’ve always preferred to exercise alone. Weight lifting, roller skating or riding my bike solo, I’ve got those skills in spades. But I guess I always felt like I had more to learn and didn’t feel comfortable enough to do yoga on my own. Practicing in a room full of yogis is quite exciting! I focus on my own practice but know everyone else is finding their own challenge with the flow and stretching.

Plus, being in a group setting with my other trainers has been so fulfilling! We have a great group of ladies going through the Seva program and I look forward to teaching alongside them as our training progresses.

yoga teacher training update

yoga teacher training update

yoga teacher training update

yoga teacher training update

yoga teacher training update

I can’t wait to teach a class full of giddy guys and gals! I’ll keep you update to date for the following three months of training. Namaste!

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