The Yoga Pod 21/31 Challenge

21 yoga classes in 31 days. That was the Yoga Pod 21/31 Challenge presented in October! Yoga Pod The Woodlands is truly my second om, since they opened in June my practice has blossomed and developed in ways I couldn’t have imagined when I first started. Dare I say I’m a yogi in training?!

Practice makes perfect…I’ve heard this my entire life. But I’m not interested in perfection, especially when it comes to yoga. I’ll never be the sun salutationing, slim blonde on the beach in a white crop pant and bra. I’m more of the eyebrow pencil dripping down my face during a Pod Hot class type of gal. Learning to accept my body the way it is, what my form can do in each moment of class is true acceptance. And so much less stressful by the way! Perfect isn’t worth it! Or is it? Believe me, I’m not the authority on this subject.

I can be an authority on transformation though, and that is what yoga offers. I no longer view yoga class as a workout or an escape, it’s simply a practice. After 21 classes in a month it’s more than just a mark off my checklist. It’s a check in with myself! I mean…I’m wearing yoga pants already I should actually to to go class, right? #wink

Completing the challenge filled me with a unique brand of satisfaction. Giddy resolve! As a personal trainer I know the value of flexibility and strength through stability that yoga can provide, I was proud to take my own advice and devise a practice that spoke to me. Going forward I’ve been practicing more on my own at home and fitting in classes at the pod when possible. The Yoga Pod 21/31 Challenge even inspired me to follow my dream of studying to become a yoga instructor…I start training in January!

yoga pod 21/31 challenge

yoga pod 21/31 challenge

yoga pod 21/31 challengeMr. Giddy and I showing off our ‘Drop and Give Me Zen’ challenge tees while hiking along Lake Catherine in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Have you ever completed a challenge at your gym or place of practice?!

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