When To Update Your Workout Routine

We’ve all been there, the proverbial exercise rut. You go to your same favorite classes or hit up the weight or cardio room and slug away doing the same ol’ thing week after week. Your mind is tired of the monotony, but did you know your body is over it too?! Yep, it’s time to update your workout routine.

To set up your body for the best results strive to alter your exercise schedule every four to six weeks. If you’re sitting at the office reading this and realizing you’ve done the same weekly classes for months don’t freak out, don’t sweat it. Well, do sweat it, but only at the gym. Guaranteed Giddy is here to help and this giddy gal happens to agree with Sheryl Crow, a change would do you good.

How to change? Is it possible? Of course it is! Here are a few tips to help you update your routine and challenge your muscles in new ways to see improvement in lean muscle mass and total calories burned!

Say good bye to those all too familiar five pound dumbbells. Change your intensity AKA resistance to see results!  For example, choose heavier dumbbells for resistance training. If you’re not quite strong enough to go up in all sets try a heavier set of weights for the last few repetitions in each set.

Have you been doing the same half hour cardio routine for months? Your body adapts to similar movements and becomes more efficient over time AKA you will burn FEWER calories if you continue to do the same exercise in the same way. For example, try moving around to a few different cardio machines, ten minutes on the treadmill, ten over on the elliptical and finish with ten minutes on a stationary bike.

This applies to your cardio routine as well and could easily go under the intensity subject. Try trading steady state cardio for interval training. For example, choose short spurts of high intensity movements with longer segments of time for recovery in between instead of doing the same intensity for a whole half hour on a cardio machine.

Perhaps switch up the days you train separate muscle groups.  When you train fewer muscle groups at once the workouts are typically shorter in time as well! For example, change from three full body toning routines to one higher intensity upper body, lower body and core routines throughout the week.

Committing to a seemingly small change like how much time you take to rest in between sets can make a big difference! Have you ever tried a superset? You will burn some bonus calories during a superset and most of all you will increase your total time under tension. For example, choose two exercises (you can blend toning and cardio moves for this style of training by the way) and complete them back to back instead of taking a break in between.

With a change in the seasons it can be easy to switch up your workout environment, as evidenced in a fall fitness post from last month. For example, take your cardio routine outside, change gyms or join a recreational sport club where you play games in a gym or outdoors.


Get to a changin’ giddy friends!

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  1. Thanks for these tips, I need them! Definitely going through a burnout 🙁 I do love that the weather is finally shaping up and cooler, I foresee taking it all outdoors soon!

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