Choosing A Word For the Year

I was taught the value of choosing a word (or intention) for the year by the first life coach I worked with, Latoya Groves. We were finishing up my six month coaching series in January of 2015 and to further continue my progress after the series ended she suggested I choose a word to represent my intention for the upcoming year.

That year I chose ‘believe’ and so I did. In 2015 I quit my less than fulfilling job, shifted to personal training full time and even started this website turned business. I continued to believe and came out of my shell in many ways by starting a book club, attending conferences and joining networking groups. I had never done any of these things before.

I was often scared but I believed that I could follow through, evolve and grow.

To build upon my breakthroughs from the ‘believe’ year I went into 2016 with a similar fervor. But this time with a new word – ‘blazon’. This was a really bold step for a less than bold person. I still don’t consider myself bold, it’s not my brand. Brave, sure, but not bold. Looking back now, 2016 was a blur. But I do know I settled into my new career path, which was still a little sparing from time to time (AKA scary financially). I stepped out of my comfort zone with Guaranteed Giddy and attended more events than ever as a creative, even joining a handful of local groups of like minded individuals.

I restarted my yoga journey and wrote more than I ever had before-both achievements were keen in my introspective journey.

In 2017 I was proud in the progress I had made with this whole intentional year business in years prior so I wasn’t going to skip out on that success! At that point I had come so far to design an emotionally healthier lifestyle and knew I had to continue moving forward. My word for the year was easily revealed – ‘flourish’.

I completed many certifications in 2017 including a 200 hour registered yoga teacher training with Yoga Pod, my Beautiful You Life Coaching certification, a Precision Nutrition Level 1 training and even became a Orange Theory Fitness Coach. I set and crushed income goals, registered Guaranteed Giddy as an LLC and saw the opportunity to start sharing my story with public speaking engagements. And quite a few more things that if you’re interested in learning about, you can click here.

Here we are, it’s 2018. I can go up. I can go down. Or I can wade water. Hmmm…where is this giddy gal going? Where ever ‘moxie’ will take me! I felt like I’ve always had a little moxie, but this year I’m turning it up a notch.

I mean, I have to give birth to a human being – if that doesn’t take moxie I don’t know what does.

Choosing courage over hear will help me guide my clients more successfully, allow me to connect with new people and settle me when the doubts creep in. We all have doubts. But some people listen intently to that internal doubt, others rise above it. It’s taken much practice but I know I rise above more than listen to the doubtful voice.

As you can see, setting a word for the year is powerful and will help you live with intention. Here are a few tips on how to set a word for 2018:

  • Jot down a few things you’d like to work on in 2018—these goals can be general or specific for this particular exercise.
  • Brainstorm (do a word cloud or list) about how you would feel if you achieved some or all of those goals by the end of the year.
  • Take a look at your brainstorming results and see if there are any common denominators that could be repurposed into a powerful, feeler word that resonates with you.


What is YOUR word?


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