Why You Should Write (especially introverts)!

Writing isn’t for everyone – syke! Why you should write could be very different answer from person to person. Some write to remember the past, others to plan for the future and everything in between. Letting words flow through writing is truly cathartic and a healthy form of self expression. Bonus for introverts – you can keep it all to yourself!

Taking to a journal or diary can come naturally to many. But others may never consider taking pen to paper. That’s okay. But just because you’ve never tried it before doesn’t mean it can’t be worth your while.

I’ve had many life coaching clients state ‘I’m not much of a writer’, and after a few action steps including journal assignments confessed ‘It felt so good to write things out’.

Surprise, surprise writing is my favorite form of personal reflection and is a form of therapy for me. I have worked through  many issues all by myself with my journal or computer. As an ambivert (introvert/extravert combination) having alone time with my thoughts is paramount. I NEED it to survive and recharge. And instead of zoning out and watching TV or shopping aimlessly (less healthy former hobbies) I turn on music and write about anything I’d like. I don’t need a path or purpose. For me, writing is stress relieving and eye opening.

why you should write

Writing doesn’t have to be a chore or give you flashbacks to high school english homework assignments. It’s for you and you alone. Are you holding on to anything that no longer serves you? Write about it. Do you find yourself coming back to an unhealthy relationship or situation? Put it down in words. Why do you do anything? Talk about it – with yourself.

If you’re writing for yourself no one will judge your words. No points off for bad grammar or poor spelling either!

It’s truly amazing to see how you can shift and grow by analyzing your actions and thinking about the future. Reflecting and writing helps you know yourself better. Which improves self awareness and bolsters healthy exchanges and relationships.

I can look back at old journals and see the pain and hope that were paired together. Going over tear stained pages I wonder how I was so sad with my whole life ahead of me. But writing, even if painful back then, still helped me move forward. I learned from my thoughts put into words and still continue to do so today.

Cultivating a writing practice is even more important for introverts. We introverts hold things in, we are introspective and don’t express our thoughts with others as often as ambiverts and extraverts. Again, that’s okay! But we still deserve to release our thoughts and feelings, and if you’re not comfortable doing that with others a journal could be your best outlet. Writing things out helps you become more comfortable with the subject matter and eventually expressing yourself publicly comes more easily. Think of your journal as rehearsal (if you feel like you want to share with others).

So, do you want to start writing? Here’s how:

Just start.


It’s not a science. There are no rules. Grab a journal, scrap paper or  your laptop. Do always put the date and go for it. Let your words flow.

It may be hard at first. If you need some inspiration choose a word that inspires you or write about memorable experiences. There is no right or wrong. If you’re writing you’re already doing it!

why you should write


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