Why Moms Are Totally Ridiculous

Moms are totally ridiculous, they decide they wanted you, me and everyone you know. Mothers agree to carry and nourish a human person INSIDE OF THEIR OWN BODIES for almost a year. As an outsider (read: Aunt) I’m still trying to wrap my head around that crazy fact…yikes!

When the baby squatting on their Mother’s prime real estate decide it’s time to make a debut the Mom LABORS through delivery. Pushing, breathing and agonizing for hours upon hours while their husbands likely wait in the wings.

Labor is over, the baby is born and is a citizen of the world. The hard work is done, right!?

Nope. It’s all just begun. There is a lifetime of decisions and discipline to be had. Life lessons to pass on, embarrassing clothes to assign, precautions to take, therapist suggestions. Moms are totally ridiculous for signing up for this.

Don’t get me wrong, I know men have a part in all of this as well. But it’s not Father’s Day so that’s a whole other blog to be written! Now back to how crazy moms are.

My mom is Jana, I call her Janie, some nicknames never die! And boy, is she ever crazy. She had not one but four children. Four! The more kids you have the more totally ridiculous the mom, right? When you have four children your identity is tied to being a mother and caregiver for years. But Janie is much more than just a mom. She is a calmly crazy, steadfast christian who is most of all a survivor. In more ways than I can talk about on this blog.

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My mother is great, she’s eaten squirrel, married a long haired guy she took a tennis lesson from once and sings nonsense songs while cooking. She took college courses all throughout my childhood to eventually earn a degree in education when I was a freshman in high school. She never quit! Now she’s a teacher and is seen as a mom to many of her students.

No matter how crazy Janie grows she will always be my mom, and I can link some of my ridiculous giddiness to her. Maybe I can talk her into doing a guest post for Guaranteed Giddy?! If you would like to hear from Janie comment below so I can show her encouragement (AKA proof) that she should write about what brings her joy for her favorite daughter whose name begins with A’s blog.

In case you’re wondering, and I would hate to assign all of the totally ridiculous crazy to my own mother, my mother-in-law Mary firmly belongs in that category as well! One of my goals for this year was to get to know her better. I haven’t always made the appropriate calls like I wanted but I have successfully made contact and even sent some snail mail surprises her way. Mary is a warm and passionate lady, I wish she lived closer so we could connect more in person. But I won’t let that be my excuse. She’s my mom too! Yes, so that means another opportunity for a guest post! Let ’em both know we need their take on #thegiddylife, kindly comment below with words of encouragement.

View More: http://featherandtwine.pass.us/theknoths

THANK YOU Moms for being totally ridiculous by providing for us, putting up with us and loving us unconditionally! Show the many moms in your life some love this weekend, you know they deserve it!

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12 thoughts on “Why Moms Are Totally Ridiculous

  1. Alli I enjoyed this post soooo much. Thank you for the kind words and leaving out the embarrassing stuff. I would love to be a guest on giddy. It could be your most viewed blog for certain.
    I think Mary is very special too. Anyone that can live in house with four guys is made of tuff stuff!

  2. Your amazing writer Alli and glad you love your mom so much. Jana is a wonderful , loving, caring, funny, & smart women. She is your mom and you are so lucky to have her in your life.
    I treasure that you are my daughter in law. And I look forward to always talking or texting to each other.and yes we both need to be better. I do see us improving on that already. My son Peter is so happy & in love with you . So our family are so happy for you & Pete. I wish we lived closer but we don’t so we need to make every effort to see each other at least once a year or whenever possible. Have a wonderful with your mom and I will be thinking of you & Peter on Sunday and everyday. Xoxoxo

  3. Your mom has always been a second mom to me. It’s just in her nature to take care of everyone and she has a gift of perceiving what someone is going through and just being there to talk to them. Love you Ms Jana!

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