Why I Created My Own…

Why did I create my own superhero? Because I just didn’t have any other choice! I’m skating as ‘Giddy Gal’ next Saturday, April 8th, in the 30th Annual Houston Art Car Parade. Yes, me, a superhero! But it’s not about me, it’s about what Giddy Gal represents.

Giddy Gal believes that self confidence is the most powerful weapon anyone can wield. When we believe in our potential and our talents, the world is wide open.

We all deserve, YOU deserve, to feel confidence and love radiate from your very being. When you make the change from self doubt to personal belief truly amazing things begin to happen. No one is perfect and self doubt is out there. But I know that my belief in God and clinging to the prospect of a better future led me away from depression, suicide and mind numbing social anxiety.

People are capable of change, evolution and stability. I’ve seen it. You’ve probably seen it too. Limiting ourselves is easy, but opening ourselves to new possibilities can be tough. The unknown is what makes it scary! We crave comfort, what we know, but that makes it easy to get stuck in a rut.

Giddy Gal will skate in the parade to bring joy and possibility to anyone who is open to it. Just like with any other event, you’ve gotta get in there with the right mindset. The Art Car Parade is full of fun and quirk. Let go, open up and live it up!

When I left my full time job to pursue personal training (and now life coaching) in June of 2015 I told people that I was making time to pursue writing. I had not even thought up the idea of Guaranteed Giddy. In a limbo state being a writer sounded like a good idea. I have always dreamt of writing a children’s series or a personal development book. Though I’ve made a few outlines here and there, nothing has truly materialized as my focus has been on improving my skills with coaching, teaching and training.

Giddy Gal could be an avenue into children’s writing. I’m not sure yet, but coming up on the two year quitiversary makes me reassess that time in my life. I know Giddy Gal will bring hope and giddiness to others. I’m happy to start from this point forward with an open heart about the prospect of helping others in new ways.


You’re invited! Join me on Parade Day to see all of the amazingly creative pieces of art and Giddy Gal! Official Facebook Invite.

Photo by Mr. Giddy, Giddy Gal’s #1 fan at the Houston Art Car Parade Kick Off Party.

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