Weathering the Storm: What to do after Hurricane Harvey

Thank you for all of your messages inquiring about Mr. Giddy & I’s safety during Hurricane Harvey. As a native Texan I’ve been through my share of hurricanes and tropical storms but this was Mr. Giddy’s first rodeo. Your prayers and well wishes kept us safe and no flooding occurred in our neighborhood, we didn’t even lose power. We have been on lockdown for five days due to the non stop rain and road closures. But that is nothing compared to the devastation that has occurred all over Houston

weathering the storm

I’ve been wanting to write something for all of my giddy guys and gals over the last few days but I just haven’t been able to come up with the right tone. So I’m using this space today to share a variety of things that can be done in the wake of Harvey.


If you are close to areas that were hit with heavy rains please consider donating to help those in need. This comes at a perfect time as during our hunker down time we cleaned out our closets. Thank you to Jenny Kelly of Hello Woodlands for keeping us up to date during the storm.


The biggest shelter here in The Woodlands is at Woodlands Church. They’re taking donations and cleaning up the city. If you have time make your way there!


A dear friend, Skye McLain, who is affiliated with The Woodlands United Methodist church sent me the link to United Methodist Committee on Relief, I trust her and this organization to benefit those truly in need. If you’re far away and still want to help consider giving a charitable donation!

Get Involved

GG was already slated to be involved with the upcoming Ms Independent #GirlsNightOutHouston event on September 21st. Erin Creeks of Ms Independent has big plans up her sleeve for this event and helping the Hurricane Harvey victims. Sign up for her newsletter to learn more!


Even though I feel like my contribution is small compared to others, I felt my way to help was to give people reason to move and de stress. I’ve been posting free FB live workouts (strength, cardio and yoga) on the Guaranteed Giddy Facebook page. Physical activity can relieve tension and provide endorphins to the body, plus taking care of yourself makes you more capable of giving care to others.


I already planned a Life Coaching series giveaway to start on the GG 2 Year Anniversary on August 31st. There will be many people displaced and in need of support and I can’t wait to be there for those in need. Stay tuned the giveaway details are being announced TOMORROW!

weathering the storm

If you have any other suggestions for Hurricane Harvey relief please comment below or e-mail me at Prayers to you all!

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