TuesdaysTogether North Houston Announcement

Hi giddy gals and guys, I’m excited to share an awesome announcement today! Maggie with Bramble & Bee has asked me to take over leadership of the TuesdaysTogether North Houston chapter! Ahhh!

So what exactly is TuesdaysTogether? Let me back up a bit. I’ve written about how connecting with other people has been a huge game changer for Guaranteed Giddy’s growth and longevity. As an introvert/ambivert reaching out to others does not come naturally. Especially when it involves walking into a room of strangers!

In 2016 I started to hear about this group that met on a monthly basis, Tuesdays Together. from some blogger friends. After attending a few meetings I  learned it was a local chapter meeting for national organization called The Rising Tide Society.

At this point in my career between my PT clients and fitness class attendees I mainly saw the same 30-40 people a week. Not the best way to learn about how to follow my creative dreams to take Guaranteed Giddy to a new level. So TuesdaysTogether came into my life at just the right time!

The Rising Tide Society promotes ‘community over competition’ by bringing together creatives of all different backgrounds and expertise. Entrepreneurs like artists, bloggers, designers, planners, florists, writers, coaches and beyond are welcome. Each month there is a theme that helps creative entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. For example, this month’s theme is ‘Creative Risk Taking’.

The monthly meetings are ALWAYS free, fun and welcoming to all. There are thousands of regional chapters all over the world, including many in the Houston area. Of course I would love to see you at the North Houston meet ups! There is one TONIGHT by the way.

To see a great video and discover the motivation behind TuesdaysTogether CLICK HERE. 

Since becoming more involved with TuesdaysTogether I’ve…

  • Met amazing photographers who have helped me advertise GG with eye catching photographs
  • Gained beautiful workshop space to help others achieve their dreams
  • Learned about and attended terrific conferences and events
  • Created brilliant friendships that I truly treasure
  • Received the most beautiful flowers that helped make my 1 Year Blogiversary a success

tuesdaystogether north houston

tuesdaystogether north houston

tuesdaystogether north houston

If you would like to join the TuesdaysTogether North Houston click right on over to the FB page. Everything is facilitated there. You can pose questions to your fellow creatives, learn about new opportunities and stay up to date on each monthly theme and meeting announcement.

I’ll also include the TuesdaysTogether meeting details on the GG Event Calendar.

Thanks again, Maggie!

TuesdaysTogether North Houston

Photographs by Eurri Kim Photography and Lindsey Portugal Studios

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