The Stress-less Life

A less stressful life, is it even possible? Of course it is. Everyday decisions, responsibilities and even our very home can induce emotional agitation. A lot of people unconsciously block out stressful events in their past. But I can think back to many…my college years, struggling with relationships with zeros, low paying jobs, the list goes on.

There are many people experiencing burn out in my life. Sometimes I wonder if I was ever as far gone as them, and of course I know it’s true. But when you’re in the stress haze you are usually blind to solutions! People who overshare online when things are going wrong instead of dismissing their pride and asking for help. Younger friends who experience something you have years before and realizing how much work it actually was. Elders who keep running around in circles instead of slowing down and examining what the real issue is. No matter our status or background we are all guilty of giving in to stress.

I was reminded of this fact last night as I was coloring my hair. Something I’ve done on my own at home or by a professional for the last ten years. It’s just a part of my MO. I’ve been blonde, gone jet black, even tried bright (BRIGHT) red and have made stops everywhere in between. But I’ve recently decided that I am enough and am whole heartedly striving to retrieve my natural hair color…whatever that is. (!) I’ve been going for an ash brown hue since last fall, and along this silly, shallow journey I’ve realized that I have grey hair. Quite a bit of it actually. Some stick out like a lightening bolt in a dark sky, others blend in to my natural-ish hair color.


This is just ONE handful of the baby size conditioners included in home coloring products.  I’ll get around to using them all…one day!

I wonder where they came from? These grey hairs. I’m twenty nine, not fifty! But to be honest, they don’t bother me much. I know stress welcomes early greying, and I’ve had my fair share. But as I sat there on my bedroom floor letting the smelly chemical mess marinate my coif I realized that my life is now mostly stressless.

Yes, stressless! How did that happen? I wasn’t quite sure so I started to add up all the ‘good stuff’:

I have a deeply fulfilling and romantic relationship with a man who contributes to our life and respects me.

My family is fun, yes of course I wish I was closer to them, but for the most part I know they would ask my help if they needed it. 

I’ve learned so much about myself over the past couple of years, reading personal development books and working with a life coach. I don’t worry about the same things I used to concerning my image or friendships.

My job is considerably stress free, I make people happy. Clients might not LOVE to exercise but they feel satisfied and accomplished when the workout is over.

I’m getting right with God for the first time in a long time. Mr. Giddy and I made a choice to join a church this year, we are getting more involved and absolutely love it.

I make time to be creative and express myself by writing. This is extremely simple but a very important part of my life, I am so much happier now that I blog. Really!

While I’m no stress expert, I do know that I conquer burn out almost daily. Sure, I have slip ups and worry about things now and then but I am so much healthier today than five, or even ten years ago. Less stress, more of #thegiddylife!

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Tips for overcoming joy sucking stress:

-Recognize the trigger(s) of a big agitation in your life. Write it down, acknowledge it and brainstorm how to ease the pain or banish it. Ask for help from your partner, a family member or friends to see if they can assist you with abolishing the evil stress! Focusing on a solution instead of the actual problem decreases stress levels.

-Slow down. Take as little as five minutes a day to practice a breathing exercise, write, or listen to music you love without interruption. Ask those close to you to help you achieve this, others can watch kids or feed the dog or literally take the wheel. Disconnecting from the world helps reset your brain and allow to think more clearly.

-Simplify your surroundings as much as possible. Look around your home or office or even your car, right now! Where ever you spend the majority of your time. Is it cluttered? Dirty? Unorganized? Even though you may not realize it those descriptors bring stress upon you. Donate unused items, require clean lines and a box/space for everything. Clearing your everyday area will free your mind and allow you to focus on tasks at hand.


What do you worry about? Whatever it is you don’t deserve to live with that exasperating stressor. Is it something you can work on with a family member, friend or professional?


Giddy gal portrait taken in my happy place (my office!) by Diamond Oak Photography.

4 thoughts on “The Stress-less Life

  1. This is just beautiful as are you. I’m so proud of the way you have taken control of your life and share your journey with others. I know your writing makes a difference in my life. You make me think.

  2. LOVE this post!! Simplifying your surroundings is such a great tip for destressing and has worked wonders for me. Another one of my favorites is playing classical music while editing photos or putting on fun happy music and dancing around the living room at random with my kiddo. 💗

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