Surviving the New Year

The bloat and business of the holidays has past, surviving the new year can be a challenge. It’s a new year, but does the idea of starting anew just exhaust you? Many are energized at this time of year. But others are reminded that another year has past and they’re still not living the way they want.

January is loaded with emotion but that doesn’t mean you can’t have hope.

For yourself or others – keep in mind friends and family as you read on, they could be in survival mode.

Why is January so hard? It’s not just because of the cold, dark days – it’s even been grey in Texas for weeks! The financial ramifications of the holidays can be sobering. It’s become clear to me that togetherness is so much more important than gifting. My Christmas cost less and meant more!

I had heard on the radio years ago that January is the month with the highest divorce rate. I had never considered this before but it’s true that more uncoupling happens this month. One partner just tries to simply make it through the holidays and honors an unsaid ‘relationship freeze’. This can be disheartening, earth shattering but there can still be hope. A new beginning.

Christmas can also heighten memories of loved ones who have passed on. It’s such a polarizing time, especially if there is a recent loss or anniversary of death. Honoring the passed instead of dwelling on their absence could save your emotional toll.

Create a new tradition to commemorate those who are no longer in your life in a positive way.

And the one real life stressor of the new year that I deal with more often, as a life coach, is the failed new year’s resolution. People get down on themselves because they convince themselves that THIS IS THE YEAR. If they don’t change they’re useless. You are not useless. Some change may be in order but you’ve got to set the right goal and have support to succeed. You know I’ve your back in this scenario.

The fact is that this time of year is survival worthy! Even more so through tough times that January can bring. It’s a new year, so much to look forward to. Instead of relapsing or making drastic life changes choose support. From a professional or friend/family member. Talk it out, I believe that you can make 2018 a year of transformation and strength.

Comment below with one thing you look forward to this year!


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