3 Ways To Stay True To Your Introverted Self

Introvert is not a dirty word, even though the media and society often put down introverted people and stereotypical characteristics. Extravert voices may be louder but we introverts have to own our true identity and stand tall as the self aware and thoughtful introverts we are!

Not sure if you fall in the introvert or extravert (possibly even ambivert) camp? Take this AMAZING quiz to find out!

No matter what personality category you fall under I’ve got good news for you – you have permission to be yourself. I know it can be hard to truly show yourself to others but the world deserves to know you (the real you), don’t hide!

Some common traits of introverts include keen self awareness, thoughtfulness, attention to detail, interest in self knowledge, keeps emotions to themselves, quiet and reserved in large groups/with new people and more comfortable learning by observation instead of participation. Is this you? Introverts are amazing!

I haven’t always accepted permission to be myself. I’ve talked myself into doing things I didn’t really care about, even as recently as last summer. It’s now been an entire year that I decided that I would create and sell a fitness e-book. Important detail: I never put it out there for the world to see! I designed the exercises, wrote the copy and even had my fabulous photographer friend, Jenn of Jennifer Mathews Photography take the pictures at Define The Woodlands.

I had this idea in my head that I would do a series of e-books, that’s what all fitness entrepreneurs do, right? I’ve got the skills, want to help others and it’s a solid source of passive income, why not? Because it wasn’t ME. It was other people. I’m a big believer in that if you really, REALLY want to do something you will find a way to succeed. Some way, some how. If not, it will pass you by.

In order to stay true to yourself you need confidence and the right tools. Consider these 3 Ways To Stay True To Your Introverted Self the next time you have the opportunity to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to something new in your life.


Honestly Evaluate The Situation!
Is this you? And not in a way that is EXACTLY you. It is important to try new things, but going way far out of your comfort zone may mean you’re going too broad. Sometimes we have to do things that scare us, but you need to find out where you draw the line by trying new things and assessing where you can experience growth.

Would You Be Proud To Share Your Experience?
If you completed a new task or made a connection with a new person would be giddy to share it with your family and friends? Would you want to write about it? Shout it from the rooftops? If you can imagine yourself feeling proud because of your accepted challenge or accomplishment it’s probably a good thing to try.

Consider The Best And Worst Outcome
When you stay true to yourself but also push yourself to new limits there will be an outcome. And it won’t always be positive. Sorry but it’s true! When trying new things there is an element of risk, that’s why it can be a little scary right? Imagine both outcomes and decide if it’s worth the risk. You are always in control of your decisions so why not do the prep work?



Unfortunately I realized the e-book wasn’t the right move for me after I did all the work. I didn’t take the above tips into consideration. But looking back on the situation now I’m glad I did the work to produce it and I learned a valuable lesson, to do what is best for my client base. Not to say that won’t be an e-book in the future but it may mean a solving a more specific problem and offering help in a more unique way next time around.

Have you ever experienced something like this?

Speaking of serving my client base (you wonderful people) I have a HUGE announcement – I’m hosting my very first personal development event!

Join me at ‘The Be Your Best Introvert Workshop’ on August 15th at Bramble & Bee in Old Town Tomball.

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  1. This line right here: “I’ve got the skills, want to help others and it’s a solid source of passive income, why not? Because it wasn’t ME. It was other people.” Well said, Alli! Great piece, as always.

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