How I Started Eating Clean

My personal Eat Clean lifestyle started when I was just a young chica, at twenty one! I remember it was exactly this time of year because my twenty second birthday was coming up. I started to read The Eat Clean Diet book by my then and now wellness role model Tosca Reno. I was tuned into Tosca because I’d just started teaching group fitness classes and had found a lot of her workouts helpful for class ideas. There was this ‘eat clean’ advertisement on her fitness book cover…eat clean? Does that mean you double wash all your veggies before eating them!? Also-what are veggies?!

Keep in mind at this point in my life I was a free wheeling college student whose major food groups were pizza, fast food tacos and the occasional watered down beer. I can’t believe I pretended to like beer back then! So young, so impressionable. ‘Clean’ foods turned out to be whole foods- vegetables, lean proteins, fruits and healthy fats.

After reading Tosca’s The Eat Clean Diet I figured I would give this whole clean eating lifestyle a try. What did I have to lose? I had never ‘dieted’ before, I was one of those lucky girls who had the awesome combination of a healthy metabolism and active lifestyle. So why change? Because I thought it would be fun to learn something new.

Up until that point my cooking expertise ranged from extra butter popcorn to lean cuisine meals. With this lifestyle change I was required to buy actual groceries and prepare my meals. I followed all of Tosca’s recipes to the letter. Yes, I ate a few burnt items along the way but I was learning!

In those three weeks leading up to my birthday I lost a whopping ten pounds. I didn’t know that could happen to a skinny but athletic gal like me.

eating clean

eating clean eating clean

This was me on my birthday night nine years ago after having discovered this crazy new clean eating lifestyle (even though that night I ate cheesecake)! I smile to think back at the silly gal I was-oh wait I’m still that same gal deep down! A lot more confident now though, thank God. Realizing 80% Nutrition + 10% Training + 10% Genetics = 100% Me was a huge breakthrough and helped me honor my true self.

But back to the clean eating-the biggest change in taking on this lifestyle was the meal frequency. Eating small meals every three hours was the biggest alteration to my life. I had to set alarms so I would remember to eat. Before this new adventure I would go all day without eating and then pig out at night. But the eat clean lifestyle suggests eating smaller meals more frequently – that’s the game changer in boosting your metabolism to a whole new level.

eating clean

Tosca’s story of coming out of a loveless marriage to find the confidence she was lacking thanks to fitness and nutrition is forever motivating. While I haven’t had the physical up and downs she has, clean eating has molded my mental health since discovering it nine years ago. This is a picture of me with Tosca on her Best Body Now book tour in 2011. She signed my book ‘Keep It Tight!’.

I learned how to eat clean all those years ago and have waxed and waned on the rules over the years. But I always come back because the powerful feeling of being in charge of fuel of provide my body is undeniable. However, while working with more of my personal training clients I see the struggle some experience with uprooting their routine. But their normal routines are what led them to their current state (which they’re unhappy with) so a change is in dire need.

Choosing clean foods, mastering eating on the go and staying the course are necessary to see true change. And now more than ever I feel assured that I can help people discover success through clean eating principles. Thanks to my Precision Nutrition certification, upcoming nutrition e-book and the big change maker in my life, Isagenix.

To learn more about how to get started on your eat clean journey consider attending my Complimentary Nutrition Seminar on August 30th.


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