Guaranteed Giddy services include life coaching, personal training and nutrition consulting. I want to help you rediscover confidence from within. That is where your joy, your GIDDINESS, exists. True self esteem doesn’t come from fancy awards or other people’s opinions. Confidence starts in your heart and in your mind.

Imagine stepping out of the shower, free of makeup and with slicked back hair. No kids or significant other there to act as a distraction. Amidst the steam your mind is clear, you feel confident standing solo without help from vacuuming shape wear, extroverted friends or a smart phone that holds all of the answers. It’s just you. You feel authentic from the inside out.

Giddiness takes over when you consider the present a gift and anticipate the future with a positive mindset.

That is why this website and these services exist.

confidence and life coaching

Life Coaching Services

Structured one on one confidence boosting support and goal setting guidance. Working with a life coach changed my life for the better which is a big reason why I decided to follow through with becoming a coach myself!

Let’s start with a Discovery Session and if we’re a good fit you may choose to commit to a three or six month life coaching series. Skype or in person meetings are scheduled bi monthly, and I’m here for support between our series appointments as well. Within your coaching series you will set magnetic goals and design powerful action steps to achieve those goals. Coaching provides you the power to choose positivity and work through what holds you back from achieving your dreams.

Life Coaching may be right for you if…

  • You feel lost and crave purpose with your job and/or relationships. You know you deserve better but feel like you need help moving forward.
  • When you look in the mirror there is a stranger staring back at you. Let’s find out who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow. The past is in the past.
  • Β You constantly set goals but can’t seem to follow through and complete them. I specialize in helping clients set attainable and inspirational goals that light a fire within them.
  • It’s hard to recognize your strengths and because of that feel underutilized. You have talents that deserve to be shared with the world, let’s make that happen.

Does it sound like I’m talking to you? Let’s chat.

Click here to schedule a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Session!

What to expect from Life Coaching:

  • Bi monthly coaching calls (one hour calls every two weeks over a 3 or 6 month period)
  • E-mail support in between coaching calls
  • Step by step goal setting and action step creation
  • Authentic encouragement from a certified Beautiful You Life Coach
  • Custom personal development guidance
  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • Clear sense of self
  • Improved and more balanced mood



Personal Training Services

Results based lean muscle building training sessions available in person in The Woodlands, Texas area and online via Skype. Combining cardio interval training with weight resistance movements will transform your body into a lean, clean sculpted machine. When you sweat you release toxins from your body and feel amazing. Feel amazing more often with Guaranteed Giddy personal training!

I’ve always been active but didn’t earn the results I really wanted until I had a structured plan in place. With a clear routine mapped out I’m stronger, leaner and enjoy the workouts more. When it’s no longer a guessing game and the results become real you will get addicted. Your energy boost will positively affect those close to you too. Everything is easier when you can offer your best self to your loved ones, career and creative outlets.

Learn what to do in your own home to increase your strength and flexibility as well as burn fat. I have worked with every kind of generational, gender and physical mobility client. I harness my creativity to design exercise routines that work in your space.

Trainings can be booked on a weekly basis or I can help you create a plan that will only take a few meetings and you complete the learned workouts as ‘homework’. A kind of homework you look forward to!

What to expect from Personal Training:

  • Exercise routines including strength, cardio and flexibility
  • Safety guidelines
  • Set/repetition coaching
  • Breathing technique breakdown
  • Body confidence
  • Fat Loss
  • Gain lean muscle mass
  • Increase flexibility
  • Reduce risks of heart disease and other health issues


Nutrition Counseling Services

What we eat is a direct link to how we look and feel, food is fuel! I believe in eating real food often throughout the day, especially for all of you active giddy people. Don’t be afraid to eat, the good stuff at least. I can still remember eating clean for the first time in my life, within a month my body completely changed (yes, really) and I could not believe how my energy levels zoomed. Let’s be honest, I was a pizza and candy eating college student so choosing oatmeal and vegetables instead was a pretty big switch. I’ve never let go of clean eating principles since and my body thanks me for it!

Learn to grocery shop, cook in bulk and prepare daily meals like a pro. Having a plan in place cheating with low density foods isn’t as easy. When something isn’t easy you don’t do it!

Making small changes develops into a lifestyle change. Drastic swings along the spectrum negatively effect the metabolism, say good bye yo-yo eating patterns. Choosing clean food options gets easier and easier. Improve your intake, increase your output!

What To Expect From Nutrition Consulting:

  • Grocery shopping directions
  • Meals plans
  • Preparation tips
  • Recipes
  • Boost in energy
  • Fat loss
  • Body composition improvement
  • Reduce risks of heart disease and other health issues


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