From Scarcity To Abundance: How Goal Setting Changed My Life

This giddy gal didn’t always live out her dreams. For years I lived in scarcity, limiting myself and staying small simply due to fear. When I decidedly shifted my mindset from scarcity to abundance everything changed. I saw possibilities at every corner and my goofy hope all of a sudden had real meaning. And it wasn’t a one time thing! Abundance continues to enrich my life on a daily basis.

This topic came to mind because of a rather typical new year’s exercise…attempting to do my taxes! Taxes make me sweat a little. Did I work hard enough? Am I missing a W2? Are these numbers even right?! I have not always been keen in the career arena. For a few years I even thought I was cursed-talk about scarcity mindset. I’ve lived from paycheck to paycheck, maxed out credit cards and failed to save money. But, for the first time ever, I looked at my income for the year and smiled with glee.

Goal setting led me to my most fulfilling career year – emotionally and financially.

That income total represents triumph, sweat (literally), and even some exhaustion. I connected the dots in many ways in 2017. Continuing education helped mold my business – Beautiful You Life Coaching certification and 200 hour Yoga Teacher training. These accomplishments led to the debut of my life coaching business and to teach at two new fitness/yoga studios. Three new ways to help people-WHOO!

But I wouldn’t have hit this all time career high by living in scarcity. In the past believing that I didn’t deserve more and failed to find the right fit wrecked my self esteem. I wasn’t successful in these various career positions because I just wanted to get by, I didn’t have the guts to pursue something I cared about…yet.

Working in passion adjacent fields led me to sink into scarcity.

Quitting lackluster job after lackluster job didn’t build my confidence or welcome abundance. It would have been way easier if it had! You can make room for the passion but you’ve still got to follow through.So how did I make the shift? Sounds like I was pretty down way back when and now I’m doing great. The game changer in my scarcity to abundance story is simple. Goals. Oh, and a lot of faith.

scarcity abundance

Instead of wading around in complacency I worked on goals that I set with various life coaches and even some on my own. I also prayed. And then I prayed some more. In the beginning I wondered if my goals were even possible. They were. I didn’t let the fear of the unknown (or failure) hold me back any longer. I had to say to myself ‘This is MY time’. Over time small, incremental changes evolved into true goal achievement.

The biggest difference between living in scarcity versus abundance is belief in the future.

Scarcity dwellers don’t think they are worthy of the future. Abundance seekers believe the future is theirs for the taking.

For example when starting out on my freelance personal training journey I began to set goals surrounding my ability to help as many people as possible. I challenged myself to book enough clients to fill an entire sheet for personal training sessions each pay period. About fifteen lines, or fifteen sessions. To do this I would engage with members in my fitness classes, let the manager know  I wanted more clients and ask my current clients for referrals.

Soon I had to change that single sheet goal to every week instead of every pay period. To improve my connection with current clients I made notes about their lives, tried to give them their favorite session times and asked for feedback. My current clients were happy. I was gaining new loyal clients monthly. I was filling THREE sheets every week instead of one. Abundance, my friends. Prayer, goal setting and hard work are hard to beat.

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life coaching giveaway

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