Resist The Binge: Is TV Ruining Your Life?

‘Screw you.’ I think to myself as I assign blame to the big black box that still hums with electricity in front of me. Although there are millions of TV episodes to watch I can’t take it any more! TV is totally ruining my life. And it could likely be doing the same to you. Well, maybe not ruining altogether, but certainly lessening the quality.

House of Cards is my lullaby far more than a cozy book.

I’ve laughed longer at Veep than I have with my nieces and nephews this year.

I can recall more 30 Rock plot lines than bible lessons.


Honestly is freeing, y’all.

Be honest with yourself right now. How much TV do you watch a week? Write down that number.

Now write down the REAL number.


What could those hours to allocated to instead?

I did a television free month last fall and truly enjoyed it. Though I also listened to my fair share of guilty pleasure podcasts and didn’t read nearly as much as I thought I would. The junk just keeps creeping in. Because I let it.

I don’t think television is all bad, but the binge watching is the real culprit. If shows I binged had commercials it wouldn’t even be an issue, but most streaming channels are completely commercial free at this point. Amazing and scary all at the same time.

When we lounge our metabolism comes to a halt and we lose blood flow to the body. We are literally willing ourselves to be unhealthy. Thanks, Netflix! Not to mention the incessant snacking and poor choices made because we just have to watch ‘one more episode’.

(I hate to tell you to watch an episode of TV BUT Portlandia, season 2 episode 2 ‘One Moore Episode’ pokes fun at binging)

Okay so maybe you want to watch less television. What to do instead? Because I’m a fan of replacement therapy (to a certain extent) I’ve done the brainstorming for you.

Read a Book
Gasp! An actual book?! Yep, you can turn the pages and everything. I’m currently on task with a book club assignment, Cork Dork by Bianca Bosker. It’s a fun read and now I know how/why to decant wines!

Yea, you knew that was coming. Just giving up one half hour episode a day and delving into a fitness program instead would be life changing! I can help with that, ya know!

Talk to People
Actual people. My TV watching means I’m just holed up alone watching a show no one I know enjoys. Oh well. Make a new friend instead of increasing your booty flab!

Take a Class
Learn Spanish or how to knit. TV rarely teaches us anything valuable, but your local recreation hall may offer actual knowledge! You never know unless you try.

Go Outside
Yes, your translucent skin could be in major need of vitamin D! Just use sunscreen and you’ll be alright. Take a walk, garden, ride a bike or grab your leopard print roller skates. Oh, am I the only who owns those? Come borrow mine!


Yes, I will still catch the new season of Silicon Valley and Master of None but I’m resisting the binge. My ass (and yours) deserves better than that!

So, what will you do instead of binge watch TV?

7 thoughts on “Resist The Binge: Is TV Ruining Your Life?

  1. I love this! I try to squeeze as much time out of every day to get work done and its significantly cut down on my TV watching, which showed me just how much TV was interrupting my day. Now I listen to motivational or educational speeches or video while I work, read, workout, or just listen to music. My last binge was two seasons ago American Horror Story. 🙂 Progress! Thanks for the insights.

  2. Being on a opposite schedule as my husband really cuts down on our TV during the week. It has opened a door for more reading and projects because of it. However when we are on the same schedule we can be guilty of binge watching shows. You’re right, it’s not healthy and it leads to unhealthy decisions like snacking when not hungry!

  3. I don’t actually “watch” that much tv, but I certainly do listen to it. It’s my background noise while I get other things done. I can’t stand quiet!

  4. We have been doing so much better when it comes to this! We turned off our TV subscription, so now we only have basic cable. So that never gets turned on. Netflix comes on a little bit still – but we’ve seen everything already that we wanted to (being honest). So we’ve gotten better! Instead we will read, write, spend time outside, and work on our side-hustles.

  5. I love all of this and have never been a big TV person. Project Runway is my fav show and I will always watch this but for everything else- not a big deal if it left tomorrow. Now if the internet was gone, that would be a different story!

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