Permission to Be Happy

Here you go, you can have this, it’s the permission to be happy. Yes, really, take it.


Okay, let me back up.

There are all kinds of people in this world, right? We call people grumpy or crazy or even depressed at the drop of a hat without knowing the weight of our words. We are known for our attitude and our actions more than our hair or the car we drive.

If someone had to use just a single word to describe you, what would it be?


Mmm hmm.

Ponder on that for a second!

I’m pretty sure my single word descriptor used to be ‘weird’, nicer people would say ‘unique’. I’m okay with that. But now, I know it’s ‘giddy’! People who can’t remember my name at networking events say ‘Hey, it’s the giddy girl!’. Ha! I love that so much.

So, back to the permission to be happy subject. It’s there. I don’t even have to offer it to you, you’ve always had the option to be joyful. Even if you have just one arm, hey at least you’ve still got the other one! Perhaps the doctor has given you a bad diagnosis, can’t you still set goals and live life like there’s no tomorrow? Tomorrow isn’t promised to ANY  of us. Maybe you were charged with a DWI, now you can get fit and walk or run or bike to where you need to go!

Glass half full, giddy friends.

So will you take it? The permission to be happy, joyful, even giddy? There will always be dark times in our lives, sometimes even daily. But that doesn’t mean those negative emotions have to take over your life. You are in charge of your attitude, actions and reactions.

If you often bend toward a pessimistic attitude take an extra moment before you react to situations. Why are you going down the negative path? Is it to protect yourself? Play the victim? Put others down or judge on purpose?

There is a rhyme and a reason for everything,  especially repeated behaviors. One thing that I’ve recently discovered that helps with combatting negative talk is surrounding myself with goodness. Instead of angry music I listen to personal development podcasts, rather than watching violent movies I choose to read an uplifting book. We can exchange our downward turning stimuli into more positive output if we put in a little effort.

This may include not talking to some negative triggering people in your life as well. I know that seems harsh but you may need a break from some energy sucking people to see how the other half lives and acts and how they can bring good things to the table. You can go back to that negative person after you’ve practiced bringing light and not darkness into the world. Show them the changed you and combat their words of negativity and self doubt with uplifting language. I’ve seen this work in my life soooooooooooo well.

It all comes back to the Law of Attraction, ‘like attracts like’. Energy sucking people are inviting in the madness. But it you take this permission to be happy and run with it, your positive thinking, go getting, giddy friends will find you. You will attract them. I’ve seen this fully happen in my life just over the past year or two, my friendscape has completely evolved into creatives, big thinkers and most importantly men and women who believe in me and support me full heartedly.

You can do this.

You have the permission to be happy.

Go with it.

permission to be happy

Giddy portrait by Marni Wish Art Photography

4 thoughts on “Permission to Be Happy

  1. Thanks Alli! You are so right. It can change your life forever when you start to understand that you have the power to decide if you want to be happy or not. Understanding that other people do not have the ability to control your emotions unless you let them is crucial to having a healthy mind. Being in control of what goes on in your head by purposefully using positive self talk, thought replacement techniques, as well as prayer can let you be who you really want to be…even in the negative imperfect world we live in. ♡♡♡

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