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An open heart welcomes new experiences, fresh connections and an altered view of your surroundings. I live in Pleasantville. Really. Every morning as I drive to work through the dim light I see million dollar homes, perfectly manicured golf courses and so-blue-it’s-fake lakes. Even if I’m racing to work in a  car that desperately needs a wash and my hair is best described as a frizzy nest I still feel good about what I’m going to do. I don’t surge with jealousy or disgust due to my surroundings, I enter each day with an open heart and mind.

This openness I feel going to work generally smooths out my entire day. But I haven’t always exuded these feelings of acceptance and curiosity toward others. I must have been burned one too many times as a kid, I didn’t sense it then but there was a clear and linear shift in my attitude around the age of fifteen. Puberty really threw me for a loop.  All of a sudden it was if I didn’t know what I wanted or what to do with myself. I felt alone. I probably should have asked for help, secretly I wished someone would reach out to me, but no one seemed to notice or care that I was different than before. I put up an ‘out of office’ sign and closed my heart for the forseeable future.

Those life defining (at least for a while) moments are still distinct in my mind, and yes I’ve opened my heart since then. But I didn’t unlock it fully until recently. In years past I would crack open a tiny corner and let someone in, or an idea would escape from the brightly pumping crevasses. Our hearts are important, openness is pertinent in order to authentically connect with others. In yoga classes we are instructed to open our hearts, expand the breath and surrender ourselves to the pose, the mind, to the world. The world is grand!

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Since opening my heart big time in 2016 I’ve met more wonderful people than I’ve known in my entire life. Former pals that I was brought together with by location or a singular common bond seem light years away. Friendship can grow from a love for tacos, but it cannot thrive on that lone fact. Sorry, but it’s true! Relationships, like the world, are big and mighty. They sprout and expand because the ideas that are formed between the parties.

I feel like I see the following phrase rather often on the web, ‘Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe’. It’s a little corny but honest at the same time. Negative and lonely individuals likely don’t seek out others and probably don’t even have a tribe! Kind and friendly people sense that sentiment in others, that tribe is likely already formed and open for new members!

My tribe has really changed in the last few months. I saw this fact in action at my 1 Year Blogiversary/30th Birthday Party this last weekend. I had quite the crew in attendance, family members, personal training clients, bloggers, current and former co workers, yogi friends, artists, chums that I’ve had many years and ones that I just met a couple of months prior, you name it and I had the category covered!

I felt so loved that I didn’t even notice that some people were missing in action. In the past I may have dwelled on the fact that so-in-so didn’t care to attend even though they said they would that is SO RUDE! Whoops, I closed my heart there again for a slight moment, my apologies. People who care for me and wanted to support myself and the blog in person were there, that is what matters. I can’t wait to share the party photos with you. My open heart is still beating with joy and giddiness.

Where is your heart right now? 50% open? Maybe 80%? Less? Magic happens as that percentage grows, have you experienced this? Or do you want to?


14 thoughts on “Open Your Heart

  1. I really enjoyed this post Ali, it definitely made me think about my own happiness and wanting to open my heart up a little more. I’d say I’m at that 50% level, but working towards a full open heart to embrace life and it’s wonderful opportunities. Thank you!

  2. I would say I went on a VERY similar journey back in 2015 when I first started really going at blogging. While I’ve let amazing people in along the way what surprised me the most is realizing how backward I had led my life. I had closed my heart and desires up to what I wanted, and let other people’s opinions and thoughts dictate my life. It has been a bumpy road letting that all go and embracing the person I am, not who people want me to be. It’s still coming together but ever since I opened my heart up to myself, my life has taken a wild turn to a beautiful and positive place. Thanks for sharing your story, clearly it compelled me to unload mine, haha.

  3. I go through phases…sometimes my heart is wide open, but other times I close it down. I’m pretty sure it’s not the healthiest, but eventually I’ll get the hang of keeping it open if I practice enough!

  4. I loved seeing the pictures of your blog party! I have to admit I am 100% a person that says they’re going to attend an event & if I dont write it down on my calendar right away or it’s not a facebook event where I get reminded I completely forget 🙁

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