October Blog Wrap Up

It was a giddy month indeed, and with today being Halloween, that means its time for an October blog wrap up on your favorite happiness website! I decided to take the blog in a little different direction this month, could you tell? I chose to write about subjects that baffle or bother me. My goal was to try to pull the positivity out of less than bright, shiny topics, I hope you enjoy the new direction. Thank you for catching up with all things giddy this month, but in case you missed something I’ve got you covered. Happy Halloween!

Commercial Break Workout

I’m Going to be a Life Coach?!

When to Update your Workout Routine

The Problem with ‘Girl Boss’

Dottie’s Story

Never Skip a Monday-Mental Health Reset

The Real Cost of Beauty (this is my personal favorite of the month, don’t miss it!)

Owning Your Onlyness

october blog wrap up

Photo by Jonathon Ivy

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