80% Nutrition + 10% Training + 10% Genetics = 100% YOU!

Sometimes the subject of this blogpost shocks people. Especially those who naturally choose to go to the gym instead of changing their nutrition intake to change their physical appearance. But it’s true friends – 80% nutrition + 10% training + 10% genetics = 100% you! Adapting a healthy balance in your diet will transform your body far more than any workout program. And if you COMBINE these two tools – now we’re talking big results.

I teach my clients the benefits of Clean Eating as well as following the ’80/20′ rule. Choose real foods, often throughout the day MOST of the time.

Eating clean foods every 3-4 hours also has a positive effect on your metabolic rate. When your metabolism improves your body will burn more calories per hour without you having to do a thing! Sounds good, right?

There will be two kinds of people who are reading this blogpost:

  • Individuals whose metabolism has slowed down
  • Individuals whose metabolism hasn’t slowed down yet

You likely know which category you fit into! It is natural for your metabolism to change over time, sometimes drastically due to genetics, auto-immune deficiencies or hormonal changes.

Most people can remember a time when eating whatever, whenever was routine. Some wish this was still the case, however I think the earlier the metabolism shift occurs the sooner you can learn how to fuel your body correctly.

It is never too late to learn and course correct to the lifestyle you need to achieve optimal health. No matter what your age the percentages are the same, 80% nutrition, 10% training + 10% genetics equals why you feel and look the way you do. However, the older we are the less likely we are to change. So it’s better to adapt early and start thriving instead just getting by.

80 nutrition + 10% training + 10% genetics
You can imagine how differently the following two people may view nutrition according to when their metabolism shifts happen: a fifty seven year old man and a thirty two year old woman. Let’s face it, the younger you are the easier it is to evolve. Time can create bad habits and/or resistance to change.

The thirty two year old woman may wake up one day realizing her jeans don’t fit the same anymore and make some nutritional shifts and begin to workout to avoid a wardrobe overhaul. The fifty seven year old man might receive directive from his doctor to shape up to improve his body mass index though he may have no personal desire to change his exercise output and nutritional intake.

Choosing clean foods will keep your system working properly and remove toxins from the body naturally.

In comparison, highly processed, chemically laden foods are literally toxic to the body and slow the metabolism. The ratio continues to ring true: 80% nutrition + 10% training +10% genetics informs how you present yourself to the world.

Taking in yummy, clean foods throughout the day will boost your metabolic rate. Instead of eating three larger meals a day choosing five, smaller and nutrient dense meals will improve digestion and nutrition absorption.

Imagine metabolism as a fire; you wouldn’t dump a huge pile of logs on top a couple times a day. It would be better to slowly add smaller a amounts of sticks throughout the day to keep the fire burning steady.

Remember you are what you eat and when you consume higher quality foods (whole, clean foods) that are full of nutrients throughout the day your metabolism is stimulated. FOOD IS FUEL. Don’t you want to fuel your body with the highest grade possible?




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