Nothing Changes Until You Do

That’s right, nothing changes until YOU do! Once upon a time I wanted to be happier, meet a great guy and love my job but I was doing the same ol’ things. My life didn’t evolve until I did, it takes work, not just wishes.

I’ve written a lot about how working with a life coach a couple of years ago changed my life. I was living without goals in mind, I had no idea how stuck I was until I started to see the changes that purposeful living can provide.

Cut to this year, I realized that starting a happiness blog was all fine and good but I actually REALLY wanted to make people happy! More so than just with my personal training clients and writing fun blogs. I wanted to learn the skills to help others climb out of depression, realize their worth and transform into out-of-this-world role models.

To lead a life that will create a giddy ripple effect within their family and friend circles. Guaranteed Giddy is taking on a whole new meaning. I know that my using life coaching skills will create a more compassionate, joy filled surrounding. More so with each client that I work with.

Do you want to experience more joy? To finally belong? Or do you just need to hit the reset button?

I know, life coaching may sound kind of scary or made up. But I promise you IT IS REAL. The results that I’ve experienced are tangible. The feeling that I could actually live a life that I loved is happening right here, right now. I am working less and making more money. I feel on fire (in an awesome way) in social situations. Plus I know my positive attitude provides hope for others. Every aspect of my life has been improved thanks to the goals that I set (and met) working with life coaches.

I waded in a depressive valley for years. Now on top of the mountain I feel powerful, magnetic and 1,000,000% ME!

The reason I’m writing this today is to let you know that I am taking on a pro bono (complimentary) life coaching clients in January 2017. As a part of my Beautiful You Life Coaching certification I am required (and pleased) to work with real people in the real world. Is that person you? Are you ready for a transformation that will increase your verve for life?

If you want that, I can help you achieve it. E-mail me at with ‘pro bono life coaching’ in the title. 2017 could very well be the year you actually make it happen. The year in which you choose to take control over your life with a positive mindset and actionable goals to reach.

A Few Details:
-A coaching series consists of one consultation and (6) one hour sessions over the course of three months starting in January or February of 2017.
-Sessions are administered via Skype or FaceTime.
-All discussions are confidential.

If you have any questions please include them in your e-mail.

the woodlands, texas life coach

the woodlands, texas life coach

the woodlands, texas life coach

That’s me, the girl who used to be crippled in fear when in social situations. I now know and believe that I am worthy of love, respect and happiness. You too deserve to live #thegiddylife!

Photos by Taylor Elizabeth Photography at the Thrive Christmas Party! (please join me at the Thrive Creative Conference this year guys!)


3 thoughts on “Nothing Changes Until You Do

  1. Im seeking someone to help me figure out who i really am at my core. If you are still looking for a pro bono client i would love your support.

  2. Yes, Alli. I agree with you. I personally believe that, if you want to make the change, then first you must change yourself. Because it’s not about the state of affairs, and not about the destiny or prosperity. Everyone experiences some favorable and tough situations in the life. I think it’s very common. Nobody can prevent it. But how we deal with those circumstances is the most important thing that I actually mean to say. If you are killing time for the financial change or for the change in your paycheck, then believe me nothing can change. But the moment you change yourself, then all of a sudden the whole lot will change for you. This is the ultimate truth of life and you can pursue these things better from a life coach.

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