New Year’s Resolution Inspiration

Are you in need of some New Year’s resolution inspiration for 2017? Never fear, your favorite giddy gal is here to lend you a little illumination! Self care, whether people like to call it that or not, is usually the focus for goals in the new year. Run a 10k, lose weight, stop eating fast food, actually go to yoga in your yoga pants. Seems like the options are endless! But those seem kind of basic, right? Because you’re reading this really cool blog I know you’re not that predictable.

I firmly believe in self care practices, and that they are paramount for every single person. Yes, even you. Consequently, we must fill our cup first! Instead of the same ol’ same ol’ lets branch out when it comes to your new year’s resolution inspiration this new year.

New Year’s Resolution Inspiration for a Nutrition Reset
To sneak in more veggies, find a juice recipe that works for you. Mr. Giddy and I eat kale, cucumber and celery every day thanks for our morning green juice.

Learn to love leftovers and buy some colorful Tupperware/lunchbag! I’m not one to go crazy over leftovers but an awesome wrapper helps.

Treat yourself after big successes, not just because it’s time for your ‘cheat meal’. Aren’t we all tired of hearing about cheat meals?!

New Year’s Resolution Inspiration for a Creative Spark
Dress for your mood. I actually do this every night, I set out my clothes for the next day according to how I want to feel. I choose green for a creative day, pink for a fun day and blue for a curious day. Yes, I’m serious!!! #lifeofagiddygal

Adult coloring is all the rage, but do you really need a designated coloring book? Go to your printer for a sheet of paper or grab a receipt and just doodle for a minute.

Spend time with a child. Kids are so engrained in wonder, they will show you that the world really is good, big and full of potential.

New Year’s Resolution Inspiration for Exploring The Beyond
Get out your bible. Or download an app. Get in the word. God loves you and makes time for you, can you say the same?

Learn to meditate, I feel like this is pretty trendy right now. I’ve tried for so long to truly cultivate a meditation practice, and I’m getting close to making it an actual routine rather than something I randomly do a few times a week. Kris Carr’s meditation album has helped me!

New Year’s Resolution Inspiration for Weight Management
Instead of focusing on the scale, stay true to how you feel. When we eat well and exercise to release endorphins and toxins we actually feel AMAZING. Once you’re in a healthy routine you will feel the difference. That’s a giddy gal promise!

Prepare your own meals! I know…that’s the hard part, right? But if you make it a fun activity or a teaching moment with your family that ALSO happens to fuel your life with delicious food how can you say no? Even if you make the simplest recipe, like my version of a PB&J: 1 slice ezekiel bread + almond butter + sliced strawberries. (it’s really good y’all!)

Explore the fitness options that are available to you. Ask your friends and co workers where they go to exercise and why. It’s easy to jump in without knowing any of the details of gym memberships and fitness fads. Do the work to figure out what will actually work for your schedule, budget and fitness level and you will be more likely to sustain a routine.

New Year’s Resolution Inspiration for Improving Mental Health
Yea, journal.
There is no excuse for this one. It takes practically zero equipment or skill.
Y’all know how I feel about journaling. I offer journal prompts on this very blog.
Let it out, write it out. Be free of those emotions. Release them. JOURNAL!!!

Get some professional help, releasing what binds us can relieve our wounds so you may want to talk to a therapist or counselor. There is no shame in getting help. I’ll say that again. There is zero shame in seeing a therapist or counselor, admitting you want to seek professional help is an amazing place to be in that a lot of people can’t get to. If you’re there, go for it.

Have you considered tried life coaching? Goal setting with intention and having a coach to actually guide you through the process will yield results you could have never imagined! I’ve written how working with a life coach completely changed my life. Of course, I’m finishing my certification right now but I have worked with two life coaching in the last couple of years that I highly recommend that can help you now!

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What do you say, are you feeling the New Year’s resolution inspiration going to work?! Most of all, I would love to know on of your resolutions, please share in the comments!


new year's resolution inspiration

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One thought on “New Year’s Resolution Inspiration

  1. Alli, thanks so much for your inspiring New Years and achievable resolutions for 2017.
    One of my resolutions is start decluttering, I have been wanting to start but not have not done it drastically. So this will be a goal!
    Definitely a green juice a day as well, and have to say I love the taste!
    Giving more hugs!!! Being present and mindful, journaling and getting meditation into my dalily routine. I would also like to find out more about life coaching. So these are some attainable goals. Looking forward to a wonderful 2017!! Thanks for being such an inspiring person, you bring joy to my ❤️

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