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What’s new on Guaranteed Giddy? A lot! Pause where you are. Take a look around the site, scroll up. Scroll down. Whoa, look at that new layout. And oooooh that super fresh logo! Current Giddy Gal of the Month, Brittney Guest updated my original Melly Clark logo.

new on guaranteed giddy

Keep reading to see the fabulous new logo!

Transitioning Guaranteed Giddy from a happiness blog to a transformation destination that offers life coaching, personal training and nutrition counseling is no small feat. Sharing my gifts with the world is equal parts stressful and marvelous. But knowing that I’m not for everyone and those who truly need help will find me and our transformation relationship can begin gives me ease.

Writing the ‘About Me’ page has been a worthwhile project, the following is an excerpt:


‘Maybe you need to do some serious self confidence work to build the courage to transfer to the right school that meets your needs. Perhaps you’re in a career slump and need to reevaluate your surroundings to set yourself up for success in the future. What about your friend circle and dating life, is it in need of an overhaul? It all comes back to you. When you firmly believe that you are worthy of having a quality best friend or that you are the whole package to be the woman of someone’s dreams your life will change.

I know what you may be thinking. “I can’t do any of that, it’s too scary”. If that is your inner dialogue at this very moment, please stop limiting yourself. I limited myself for years. In my most formative years. I let what other people said (or what I assumed other people thought) take over my life. I let the ‘shy, awkward, weird’ descriptors hold me back when I could have been highlighting my unique personality traits and behaviors in a positive way. Instead, it took me a long time to learn how to talk to other humans, realize and own my strengths and learn to build meaningful relationships in professional and social settings.’


Things are real now and I couldn’t be giddier. I’ve found my calling as a life coach and combining my experience as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant fits together so naturally. Thank you for reading Guaranteed Giddy over the past year and a half, but now we’re really getting somewhere.

Thanks to Brittney my new logo truly represents my updated brand!

new on guaranteed giddy

The new logo shows off my glorious red locks of course, but more importantly it highlights Guaranteed Giddy services. A light bulb represents the moment of illumination when you realize you need help or discover a breakthrough. The envelope illustrates my snail mail surprises and giving joy to others without expectation. The heart shows that self love and openness to others is paramount. Finally, the stars represent confidence. Confidence that you are good, no GIDDY, with just being yourself.

Sure, the fabulous new website design by Angie Makes is wonderful, and the freshly bombastic logo is out of this world BUT I’m most excited about the Guaranteed Giddy services! I’m ready to help you all! Whether it be life coaching, personal training or nutrition consults I’ve got you covered.

Guaranteed Giddy Services

Thank you for stopping by to see all things NEW on GG and I hope I get to work with you soon.


16 thoughts on “New on Guaranteed Giddy

  1. That logo is perfect and totally fits your personality. You are always so positive and always have a way of uplifting others. Always sharing good news with others. I’m happy you found your calling. For me, I’m still on the prowl.

  2. This is so awesome Alli! I love the new layout and of course your new logo and everything it stands for. I really love that you are dedicated to helping other people. I need to reach out to you soon for life coaching, nutrition, and fitness! Hahaha, I’m in such a slump and I can’t seem to motivate myself to make a change! I’m looking forward to following your new blogging journey and being inspired.

  3. woah your whole website looks great and different! Britney did an amazing job on the logo! LOL the ‘about me’ is always a struggle for me as well, but you did great! I will creep around your site and check out everything <3

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