Never Skip a Monday

You’re only one workout away from a good mood. New week, new you. The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen. Never skip a Monday. ALL THE SAYINGS.

Sure, these motivational phrases are a little tired. But it’s a Monday. And you should to get a workout in to set up your week for success. Or maybe something a little different is in store? ‘Never skip a Monday’ can mean taking care of your mind or spirit as well. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with a few suggestions!

Yoga Nidra
One of the most fun yoga instructors I’ve met, Josie, introduced me to Yoga Nidra a few years ago on a chilly Tuesday night. During this pass practice every last muscle will be gradually released and relaxed. Try this guided meditation, I dare you to not be chilled out to the max after taking time to be still.

The Secret Language of Birthdays
Check out this fun online exercise to get to know yourself (or anyone else) a little better. The personality traits of people born on every day of the year are compiled into zodiac sign/numerology-esque conclusions. Enter your birthday and learn the ‘why’ of your very being, it’s super accurate!

Read a Blog
Don’t you feel amazing that you’re already accomplishing one of these suggestions?! Take a few minutes to read that something that will inspire you, or at the very least something that will make you laugh! Here are some of my current favorite quick stops: Sarah Andersen aka Sarah’s ScribblesKris CarrThe Sideline Socialite, and We are THAT Family.


never skip a monday

Kick your feet back and start your week off the right way! Photo by Jonathan Ivy.

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