My Summer Goals

Last week I invited/challenged you to set goals for yourself this summer, to create a Giddy Summer To Do List, to ensure the upcoming months are full of giddy and productive activities! Some people may have experienced ‘to do’ lists in a negative way before. They may have left you feeling overwhelmed to admit everything there is to do or feeling depressed because you may not check off all of the duties. Forget all that! The Giddy Summer To Do list is all about focusing on what you GET to do. You have options, you have opportunities, this is a GOOD thing! I’ve been working on mine and am ready to share them with you, just in case you need a little extra inspiration.


I gave away my copy of The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin last week after writing about it. The well organized categories that helped her find happiness and inspired others to do the same are what the Giddy Summer To Do List is based on.

Alli’s personal Giddy Summer To Do List:

VITALITY: 1) Join The Woodlands Yoga Pod, try a new class each week. 2) Beat my childhood chin up record-11 chin ups! 3) Play my awesome gold keyboard 5x a week.

MARRIAGE: 1) Plan fabulous monthly date nights. 2) Pack Mr. Giddys’s lunch daily, include a love note on Mondays!

WORK: 1) Complete one chapter of the Precision Nutrition program each week. 2) Organize blog schedules monthly.

PARENTHOOD: 1) Offer to babysit for family and friends.

LEISURE: 1) Plan July and August vacations, YAY! 2) Listen to more and research to learn about classical music.

FRIENDSHIP: 1) Host a couples game night. 2) Say ‘yes’ to as many events as possible.

MONEY: 1) Limit eating out to social situations only. 2) Contribute to joint saving account monthly. 3) Volunteer time and resources to House of Mary, a wonderful organization helping teens mothers in my home town.

ETERNITY: 1) Get involved at The Woodlands First Baptist Church 2) Read more Jen Hatmaker books. 3) Pray regularly.

BOOKS: Read the Harry Potter series, because I never have! 2) Research and read books to select next Giddy Guild title.

MINDFULNESS: 1) Start my mindfulness practice, thanks to the Giddy Guild! 2) Spend time on the mat daily, work on breathing.

ATTITUDE: 1) Rise above pettiness. 2) Practice patience.

HAPPINESS: 1) Write down the good things in my life when feeling down. 2) Share giddiness with others, write letters to five people a week.


Whoo, I’m feeling open now! I hope reading my personal goals help you materialize your own. Even if you just make a single goal for the summer you will feel amazing when you reach it.

Tell me one of your goals for the summer in the comments!

11 thoughts on “My Summer Goals

  1. Love how you made summer goals rather than yearly goals its easier to focus on them and more motivating! Great Idea, thank you for sharing <3

  2. Reading is big on my list this summer. I fell out of reading with the re-launch because I simply didn’t have the time. Also triathlon training is on the list of summer goals!

    I love your goals of game nights and couple’s date nights! Those are two of my favorite things to do.

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