‘Love Your Body’ E-Book SNEAK PEAK!

I’m so giddy to debut the latest Guaranteed Giddy product – the ‘Love Your Body E-Book: Learn to Respect, Move & Fuel Your Body’ on February 14th. This has literally been a labor of love considering I wrote it during labor training – only three months to go until the giddy baby arrives! My first E-Book releases in the fall were such a success I knew I had to go for it again, this time with a twist.

In ‘Love Your Body’ readers are guided to look within to set a powerful goal before jumping into the fitness and nutrition aspects of transformation. This is a game changer!

Many of you know from experience that proclaiming  you’re going to the gym five days a week (even if you’re a coach potato) and vowing to never eating a carb again (even though they’re so good!) DOES NOT WORK.

My inspiration for the book is simple- to encourage women to get in tune with their motivation before taking action. The book focuses on a well balanced approach to incremental change and a ‘love my body’ transformation with Introspection, Movement & Fuel guideposts. Read more about what the E-Book offers—say hello to workout routines and eat clean recipes!

To get you even more hyped up for the FEBRUARY 14TH DEBUT of ‘Love Your Body’ I’m sharing a sneak peak from Section 2: What Will It Take? – enjoy!


Some people have this vague idea in their head of what it would be like to love their body, their life, themselves. Maybe you think about it all the time. Perhaps it’s never crossed your mind for more than a second. But we all just want to be happy, right?! However you have to ponder what contentment looks like to you before starting your journey. The notion of happiness (or shall we say giddiness) won’t be the same for me, for your neighbor or your cousin.

The Love Your Body program isn’t just a list of exercises and recipes for you to try for two weeks and then forget about (we’ve all been there). Similarly, if you’re looking for the 4.5 specific things to do to be happy all day, every day while rocking a six pack this ain’t the book for you! By the way a six pack doesn’t equal happiness. I’m speaking from experience here!

The three cornerstones of the Love Your Body program inform a balanced wellness routine:

Discovering the ‘why behind your motivation to better yourself bolsters goal adherence. AKA-you will be far more likely to connect and stick with your goal!

Physical activity increases your endorphin levels, reduces stress and boosts confidence. AKA-Hello ‘happy chemicals’ and feeling/looking amazing!

Providing your body with true nutrition will naturally fuel your lifestyle, improve energy output and support a healthy relationship with food. AKA-Food is your friend, learn to eat without guilt and love what it gives your body!  

Just like any other wellness resource everything in this e-book is a suggestion. Take a little here and there and leave the rest behind. Deep down your intuition is sending you signals. Why did you buy this e-book? And how come you happen to be reading it right now? There is a reason for everything. Individuals who buy personal development materials, anything from a mindfulness magazine to a Tony Robbins workshop ticket, are seekers. Seeking betterment, relief, a solution.

I don’t know your personal motivation behind this purchase. Wouldn’t that be a cool super power if I did?! But you have a super power already; your intuition. Do you recognize it? Ignore it? Have no idea what I’m talking about? No matter what, it’s there. Your intuition is attached to your moral compass as well as your comfort zone. More on that later!

       Drastic change isn’t always necessary, but sometimes an evolution is.

Developing the inspiration behind your individual Love Your Body quest will take some deep diving. Including asking yourself tough questions and likely facing some hard truths. You will test out new behaviors and likely retire some bad habits. But not all at once, you’re not a robot.

Think of this E-Book as a ‘choose your own adventure’ type of experience. Yes, I have specific guidelines to share with you but you’ve got to listen to your intuition and consider your lifestyle. What will work FOR YOU right now (or whenever you choose to begin) is most important. When we take on too much feasible change is not an option. Choose the steady route versus the quick fix.


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