My Life Coaching Journey: Part Two (During)

My ‘before’ life coaching journey is a much longer tale but I wanted to share it all the same. In a world full of ‘Transformation Tuesdays’ it is so easy to focus on the before and after of stories. But the journey in between is where the actual transformation takes place.

I spent years of giving in to the drawbacks of introvert behavior and not believing I was not capable of social or career success. But I was lucky (and open) enough to meet some special people who helped me capture confidence and move forward.

Between my first ever life coach, Latoya Groves, my fellow life coaching trainee Candice Martina and my business coach Ainslie Young my transformation involved structure and true grit gal power!

Even though the stigma around mental health is slowly diminishing, the idea of working with a life coach can still seem puzzling to those who don’t understand what a coaching series entails.

I surely didn’t know quite what to expect when I started my very first coaching series with Latoya in 2013. I was a newlywed but unhappy. Working uninspiring jobs that left me tired and broke. Latoya taught me many things, but a few of the most important things she helped me realize are as follows:

  • I am worthy of love. With friends especially. Up until this point I hadn’t had many quality friendships. Mostly because I had continued to lie to myself and put a fake persona out into the world.
  • I can be successful in my career. Even though I wasn’t in my dream career yet at that time I could socialize and learn about others by talking and feeling confident in myself to speak up and ask questions.
  • Brene Brown is amazing, thanks to Latoya I’m an avid reader of all of her titles. She first had me read ‘Daring Greatly’ which focuses on summoning courage to move forward and viewing vulnerability as a strength not a setback.

Over my six month coaching series with Latoya I went through an amazing transformation. Which eventually led me to quitting my lame full time job to pursue personal training full time, and a couple months later founding Guaranteed Giddy. I would not have had the confidence to change my stars had it not been for the coach strengths and continued support of Latoya.

After branching out on my own and becoming a full blown entrepreneur I had to ask myself some challenging questions.

What do I want to do with my life? What make me truly happy? How can I invest in my future self?

The answers:

Assist others come out of their shell, feel beautiful and strong and inspire others to do the same.

Helping others makes me GIDDY!

I can invest in my future self by seeking continuing education.

All signs were pointing toward becoming a life coaching myself! Wow! Me?! Yes! So I enrolled in the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy. An established  online university based in Australia that trains individuals to become heart centered life coaches. I was quickly matched up with my ‘coaching buddy’, Candice Martina.

Honestly I was hesitant to take on a buddy during the course, it wasn’t required. But I knew the fear I was feeling was just my inner introvert trying to tell me it was scary to communicate with a total stranger. Because I resisted the fear I made a fabulous friend and fellow coach!

Candice and I coached each other as one of the many requirements during our six month training. We completed a three month coaching series where we asked each other the BIG life questions and really got to know each other. During our time together we helped each other believe that the best was yet to come (believe me IT IS). We learned that we had many similarities, which came in handy when coaching. My big takeaways from our series together were:

  • My transformation from scared introvert to powerful ambivert is AMAZING. I should celebrate it every day.
  •  Self care is a prominent factor for my (and everyone’s) happiness. When I take care of myself I’m showing myself how much I love and respect myself.

Having Candice by my side as a support system and friend was invaluable during our grueling training. I was really growing my personal training and Guaranteed Giddy reach during this time plus I completed my 200 hour yoga certification alongside the BYCA certification. It was a trying time and she helped me stay on track!

As one of the final steps to become a certified Beautiful You Life Coach I was required to complete a coaching series with an established certified BYCA coach. There were so many truly impressive coaches to choose from (a group I’m proud to belong to!) but I ended up connecting with Ainslie Young. She is a coach who specializes in helping coaches write powerful copy and setting up their business to succeed from the start.

Ainslie is Australian and lives in Hong Kong so our Skype sessions were always an adventure with so many miles in between but we made it work each and every time! That’s one thing that I love most about coaching – you can do it from anywhere. I was ahead of the curve with my BYCA graduating class with already having a website and online following with Guaranteed Giddy. But I truly wanted to set up my brand to thrive. The special insight Ainslie showed me included:

  • Believing that Guaranteed Giddy is a trusted, one of a kind brand that offers transformation to introverts/ambiverts in need.
  • I can make money being a coach and that my BYCA training was a necessary investment in my future as a business owner.
  • I am a powerhouse writer and speaker—I’m proud to own my strengths as a leader of women!

One of my long term goals I slated when graduating from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy was to be an in demand public speaker. Because of Ainslie I hosted my first ever personal development event, the Be Your Best Introvert workshop. It was a huge success and I’m getting ready to announce an even bigger and better event (stay tuned). Because of my public speaking passion I’ve been connecting with groups of girls through the National Charity League all fall and have two more speaking engagements coming up. I’m doing it, I’m really doing it!

tuesdaystogether north houston

The next and final chapter in this blog series will be My Life Coaching Journey (After) where I’ll share how my life has changed since working with clients of my own as a creative entrepreneur. Sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss it!

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