Interpreting Wellness Resolutions

Hello January! I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. I hate cold weather and early sundowns but love that goal setting (AKA resolution making) is in the spotlight. And many make fitness, nutrition or just plain wellness related resolutions-which is great!

Wellness is popular this time of year because many feel the new year equals a clean slate. True. But I believe positive change can be made any time during the year.

Another reason wellness resolutions are common may be the gluttony of the holidays finally settling in. Oy, the decadent desserts and butter laden sides – what a calorie overload! So, in the new year many feel like they need to atone for their food sins. But let’s face it, what’s in the past is in the past. Move on and know you have the opportunity to make better choices.

There are a handful of quite common fitness/nutrition resolutions you will see this time of year. I’m here to interpret these wellness resolutions and get to the heart of the slightly silly matter.

‘I’m joining a gym’

Interpretation: I dunno what I’m doing but I will go to the gym at least 4.5 times to see if it works!

Tips: If this is your resolution set yourself up for success, try joining with your partner or a friend to have a built in accountability partner. Get a full blown tour of the gym so you don’t feel clueless when you arrive with all the other newbies. Also many gyms offer complimentary personal training sessions this time of year – don’t be shy and seek help from a pro!

‘I plan to eat healthier’

Interpretation: My jeans feel tight and I may have forgotten what a vegetable looks like.

Tips: Although this is a vague resolution you can see positive change from simply ‘eating healthy’. Get started with a food journal-write down everything you eat for 5 days and really study it. Do you have trigger times for unhealthy choices? Are there any no brainer items you can cut out like sodas or baked goods? Don’t just make an uninformed change, break down your current habits!

‘I want to try meditation’

Interpretation: I’m willing to sit still and think about nothing if it will erase my stress.

Tips: There are so many wonderful benefits of meditation! If you’re a true beginner you may seek assistance with an app or class to start out. Being still and in the moment may be more challenging than expected. Give yourself grace and time to adapt!

‘I want to firm up’

Interpretation: I have to wear a bathing suit in public this year!

Tips: I’m a firm (hehe) believer in strength training for all men and women, BUT ESPECIALLY WOMEN. So many females stray away from resistance training even though it is the easiest way to create lean muscle mass (which will make you look amazing) and lose fat (the more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn every hour). Buy some weights or bands and get to it. Split up your workouts during the week and start slow.

‘I’m cutting out carbs’

Interpretation: I heard carbs make you fat and I don’t want to be fat.

Tips: Carbs are your friend, in fact your brain uses carbohydrates to function properly. So please don’t skip all the carbs. Did you know vegetables and fruits are carbs too? Oh yea! It’s not just bread and pasta. There are simple vs complex carbs and your body breaks them down very differently. Do your research and THEN choose an eating lifestyle.

‘I’m starting a yoga practice’

Interpretation: I already own yoga pants (because who doesn’t?!) and I heard it’s relaxing.

Tips: Your yoga practice can be intense, transformative, stress relieving, sweaty, gentle, challenging and grant mental clarity. How? Because there any many styles of yoga. For a more intense workout you may try vinyasa flow or hot yoga. For a more giving practice try restorative or beginner/gentle yoga. Any variety of yoga classes go far beyond the physical practice to transform your thought process and help you become a more understanding and even keeled person. Try a variety of classes to see what you like.


If you, your friends or family choose to make 2018 YOUR YEAR with fitness, nutrition or just health in general I wish you the absolute best. One of my favorite aspects of working with fitness and life coaching clients is to see their physical and mental change when a routine is created and adhered to. Positive evolution is powerful!

Do you need help setting and sticking to a goal in 2018? My brand new, simplified life coaching program, 1 Goal/10 Weeks is now available for sign ups! Having a coach by your side takes you from wishing to achieving AKA you will accomplish your resolution!

You will fill out an inspiring questionnaire, I’ll walk you through setting the big goal and we’ll check in via Skype and email throughout the 10 weeks so make sure you’re believing and achieving!

How is this 21 week preggo gal staying fit?! I myself joined a gym! I desperately needed a place that I didn’t work at to escape to and do my own thing. It’s been a life saver over the holidays and has helped me get over a viral infection. Sweat is the best medicine! I have to share this one year comparison with you:

These pics were taken exactly one year apart, just regular ol’ me and 21 weeks pregnant me! If you’re able, move. Movement is therapeutic and empowering. You can do it!

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