How To Create a ‘Thank You’ Station

The season of thankfulness is upon us, which means it is the perfect time to create your very own ‘Thank You’ station.

IMG_1965My Thank You Station, set up at my desk this afternoon!

I strongly believe in composing handwritten letters to brighten others’ day, especially during the holiday season!  The smallest gesture can flip the switch on someone’s daily outlook.

IMG_19621) Choose a Vehicle For Your Station.

Having a container or dedicated drawer to showing gratitude will make it easy for you to sit down a churn out a few thank you notes when needed.  I chose to use a desk organizer I had used at a previous job.  It works quite nicely with all of its individual containers for cards, stamps, pens, ink, etc.  You could also use an old hat or shoe box, small chest or rubbermaid box.  My tea cup isn’t included in my station but it is always an accessory!


IMG_19612) Have a Variety of Cards on Hand.

I am always buying cards, you never know when you will come across a darling box set or a groovy individual card.  I have found some great cards in surprising places, even in the dollar section at Target!  I have bought some adorable card sets there, including the birdcage design on the right hand side of the photo above.  Since you will likely be thanking a variety of people always have a wide array of card styles on hand.


IMG_19593) Add Some Flair With Stamps.

Stamps have come a long way!  I see them quite often at craft stores but I’ve also found them in fashionable boutiques as well, which has helped my personal collection grow.  I even purchased a custom address stamp which I use with all of my outgoing mail.  It is a small investment, usually around $25, and you will use it more than you think!  I bought mine on Etsy.  Plus it offers a sophistication to invitations and holidays greetings.  Once you find a few stamps  you like, buy a few ink pads or perhaps even a variety pack to add extra color to your cards and envelopes.

IMG_19704) Surround Yourself With Inspiration. 

Adding an inspirational quote or uplifting statement in handwritten letters takes your personal sentiments to the next level!  I always keep a couple of fun quip books around to draw quick influence when showing gratitude to family and friends via snail mail.  Song quotes are a fun addition as well.  Think about the recipient, what do they love?  Include it!

Breaking down the thank you note in 6 steps:
– Address the thankee ‘Hi Norma!’
-Express your thanks ‘Thank you so much for the velvet fedora hat.’
-Add specific details ‘I have already enjoyed wearing my new fab accessory.  It completed the outfit I wore to the Cake concert last week!’
– Suggest a meeting if possible ‘I hope to see you around the holidays, let’s get together for Happy Hour soon.’
-Reiterate your thankfulness ‘Thank you again, the hat is lovely.’
-Sign off with style ‘Yours Truly’ or ‘Keep It Real’

Emily Post’s Thank You Note Rules

Showing gratitude by mail although simple can be therapeutic.  Taking a few moments to handwrite a little love note or friendly appreciation allows you to depress and slow down. Enjoy this time to give thanks during the holiday season.  You may like it so much hand writing notes may become a routine that continues through the new year!



Happy writing, giddy friends!



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