Houston Art Car Parade Recap

‘Giddy Gal’, my alter ego/super hero character made her big debut at the Houston Art Car Parade last weekend! Why did I create my own super hero? Check out this previous blogpost to find out! Mr. Giddy and I were so excited to have a little getaway back in Houston. We’ve lived in the suburbs for three years now so living inside the loop seems like a life time ago. We love the  opportunities The Woodlands has brought us but miss the culture and charm of H-Town proper.


art car parade

art car parade

The 30th annual Houston Art Car Parade route ran through downtown, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect day to see one of a kind cars in action. So much color every where with the bright sky, spring trees and of course the fabulous art cars. There was also a lovely/powerful breeze and over three hundred (!) art cars to peruse and be in awe of.

art car parade

I love the weirdness and authenticity that the Houston Art Car Parade offers. Cheech Marin (yes, THAT Cheech) was the grand master of the parade, setting an appropriate quirky tone for the day. We set up Giddy HQ right in the middle of the Starting Line Party. Mr. Giddy had a cooler full of goodness and plenty of snacks. The strong winds almost took down our canopy a few times but he made it work as our friends and family cycled through to catch the art cars (and Giddy Gal!) in action.

art car parade

As soon as I donned my ‘Giddy Gal’ cape someone asked to take my picture. A star is born haha! One thing I noticed were all of the pro and amateur photographers out and about taking pictures of all the cars. There were some serious cameras in use that day. Speaking of pictures, you can tell we didn’t have one of those pro camera but you get an awesome boots on the ground account of the parade instead!

If you’ve never been to the parade, make it out there next year! Ya never know, Giddy Gal may skate again or a completely NEW character may be in attendance. Time will tell! Thanks to my family and friends, especially Mr. Giddy, it was a super Giddy day. All of the art cars and, of course, Giddy Gal, brought joy to the masses!

If you made up your own super hero OR created an art car what would be your theme/design?

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  1. Oh this looks like such a fun event! I think if I created my own super hero/power, it would be to slow down, or pause time. I would have so much fun with that.

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