Be The Goldilocks of Goal Setting + Gender Reveal

I’ve ramped up my life coaching sessions again with new clients that are ready to crush goals even before the new year – talk about planners! I love their gumption for positive change, to be honest life coaching is my favorite aspect of my business. I can’t believe I’ve been personal training and teaching fitness for almost ten years! While I enjoy hitting the gym with my clients daily fitness is not as shiny and new as life coaching is for me. Teaching yoga and more regular public speaking engagements are such welcomed activities in my life as well. But nothing feels quite the same as life coaching women to build confidence and reach goals that change their lives forever.

Seeing women set huge, sometimes scary goals AND ACTUALLY ACHIEVE THEM is completely inspiring. Sometimes I think back to some of my personal goals I’ve set over the years with life coaches. Some goals were harder to achieve than others, but that moment where I knew I had captured success I think is partly why I chose to sign up and complete my training with Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy.

confidence and life coach
Me, life coaching! All sessions are administered via Skype/Facetime. (read: you can be coached while in pajamas!)

The goals I set with coaches were completely different than goals I would set by myself, mostly because the solo goals I would often abandon immediately. Having a pro guide present makes all the difference.  Whether it is the quality or adherence of the goals set or eventual follow through. Knowing someone will keep you accountable drives anyone toward success.

It reminds me of the Goldilocks character in the classic children’s tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Goldilocks was on a mission that day in the forest, and quite brave as she breaks into the bear’s homes (this always shocked me as a kid)! She wasn’t afraid to go for it and showed some seriously legit rounds of trial and error (RIP chair). But her search for finding what was ‘just right’ can be tied to goal setting as well.

Do you set goals that are…

Too basic and simple to challenge you?

Completely out of your scope and time frame?


‘Just right’ to welcome positive change and build confidence?

To set goals like Goldilocks – or shall we call her GOALdilocks – your goals have to be ‘just right’. Too small or insignificant a goal and sure you’ll find success but will the journey to achieving that goal have taught you anything? Setting goals that aren’t big enough is a version of settling. Introverts/ambiverts are famous for settling. They think ‘Well I’ve already got this, it’s not great but it will work’, they stay stagnant and never reach for more. Even if that something more were to challenge them and welcome fulfillment and  joy.

Small goal setting is fueled by fear. Are you going to let fear dictate your life? I didn’t think so! Just as dangerous as setting tiny, lame goals is designing goals that are way outside of your realm of reality. Going TOO big.

Do you ever over order at a restaurant? Thinking ‘Hmm I want ‘X’ entree but that doesn’t seem like enough food. I’ll order the ‘X’ appetizer and get a soup on the side’ and then by the middle of the meal you are either stuffed and can’t continue to eat or keep eating just to finish. Either way it’s a bad feeling. Our eyes can be bigger than our stomachs at times. Same with goal setting.

One of the most important aspects of successful goal setting and achieving is knowing your timeline.

With a timeline in mind setting outrageous goals happens far less. With all of my life coaching clients, whether they are choosing the ‘Giddy Pick Me Up’, ‘Getting Giddy With It’ or ‘Mind & Body Giddy Glow’ package set goals for a three month time frame. They know about the timeline from the moment we start. We visualize the final session and what it will feel like to achieve these life changing goals within a quarter of a year. It is truly motivating to know you can positively foster change in your life and a little help from a pro doesn’t hurt!

We’ve all set outrageous goals before. I see this a lot with my personal training clients. A new client will sign up for some sessions, touting their goal of wanting to lose thirty pounds in three months before their upcoming special event. But then when talking about their current fitness and nutrition plan/outlook, how many days a week they are willing to workout, and adherence to nutritional changes I see that their goal is WAY out of reach. Newsflash–working out once and week and still boozing it up four nights a week will not equal a thirty pound weight loss in three months. Not gonna happen!

What is realistic for your lifestyle? For your schedule? For your sanity?

These questions come into play every single time when setting those big goals with my life coaching clients. The first session in a life coaching series is when clients set their ‘just right’ goals. This allows the clients to truly design the vision for their life over the next three months. I don’t come up with the ideas or tell them what to think. Talking it out and learning to trust their intuition is empowering and boosts confidence. I’m a guide, not a drill master.

The client and I wordsmith the ideas together to make the goal wording ‘just right’. The goals should be challenging, awe inspiring and a little bit scary. Sometimes they just come and the ideas flow so smoothly. Other times not so much, we regroup and get to the eventual goal wording. I make a beautiful, printable goal page for each and every client to showcase, review and receive power from.

Make the goals. Live the goals. Achieve the goals! Be GOALdilocks. Get real and define your true desires and limits. You have the ability to set one-of-a-kind, achievable, ‘just right’ goals that will expand your horizons.

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Speaking of children’s books, you may have just clicked on this post to see the gender reveal of the one and only giddy baby.

I totally understand! Although, please know that Guaranteed Giddy is an incorporated business, not a personal blog. So I had to stick in some education in there first! I will be giving mini updates throughout my pregnancy so make sure you are signed up for the Giddy Newsletter to stay up to date. 

Alright, alright let’s get to it! I got ‘ the call’ from my Dr. on a Thursday afternoon during a personal training session. Thankfully I was with a very laid back client who insisted I answer, I was a little shocked to see the caller ID because it had only been one week since my bloodwork. All I heard was ‘Your blood work came back perfectly normal, your baby is healthy. We know the gender as well do you want to know?’. Of course I wanted to know!

Learning the gender sent me into a planning tailspin, we decided to have a gender reveal party the next night. I’m terrible at keeping secrets so I needed it to be soon. I mean I was spilling the beans about being pregnant left and right before the twelve week mark – whoops!

Most of our family and some close friends were available that following night so it was perfect! I ordered the appropriately colored cake (white on the outside of course) and we cooked a huge meal for everyone. I love to entertain so this was a joy to have the gender reveal in our home, everyone guessed boy or girl and at just the right time my littlest niece Kinsley insisted we cut the cake!

The giddy baby is a…GIRL!

Mr. Giddy and I are ecstatic. Although we would have been giddy either way I honestly had never imagined myself with a son, and Mr. Giddy had always pictured a daughter too. I am honored to have the opportunity to raise a confident, intelligent gal who will no doubt make her mark in society. I’m also so excited to know our family will be complete in May of next year.

We go big or go home and decided to do a second reveal in New York with the Knoth side of the family. There is only one grand baby (a little boy) on that side of the family so this was a huge announcement! We were visiting NY for my brother in law’s wedding and Thanksgiving. And just a week after learning the gender myself I figured we could hold out a few more days and do a cake with everyone there too.


There was so much excitement we didn’t get many photos – oh well! It was great to share the news with everyone and, of course, eat more cake. Yes our giddy baby GIRL is due in May of next year, and even though we have had many requests to name her Giddy we are still deciding on names! Thank you for all the well wishes and excitement, we have had the best response to our growing family.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

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  1. So very excited for you and Peter! I can honestly and confidently say this little girl will be beautiful, witty, confident and Giddy! Congratulations and welcome to parenthood!

  2. Congratulations! Such great news! Enjoy the little lady growing inside you it is such a special time. I have to just add that I love goal setting and sometimes I really love how you have outlined them so that we can all be more conscious when making them.

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