Going Alkaline

How do YOU feel? Right now? If I were to consider this question myself I could offer a varied bevy of descriptors depending on the time of day. Fabulous, tired, weird (in the good way), bloated, or maybe even like a million bucks.  Bottom line: I’ve been lacking consistency with my overall feeling of wellness. So not the giddy style I’m going for! We all have our ups and downs physically, but I believe that someone of my age and fitness level should be experiencing more stable feelings of vitality.

I often seek personal development avenues, working in the fitness industry there is always a sparkly new certification or nutrition program to check out. Maybe that’s why I like what I do, change and evolution are so mysteriously attractive! I discovered eating clean while I was in college, Tosca Reno was my wellness inspiration. I even met her in person in 2010  at a book signing, she penned my Best Body Now copy ‘Keep it tight!’. My day, week, month and year were made!


I’ve been pretty loyal to the eat clean program since then, even after marrying a bonafide foodie! I sometimes feel guilt pangs from eating or drinking unhealthy foods, blaming my less than stellar disposition on those devilishly delicious indulgences.  But lately more than ever I’ve struggled with basic nutrition choices, giving in to ridiculous cravings of both the salty and sweet varieties.

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G I R L   S C O U T   C O O K I E S !

There, I said it. That was just one of the enemies, errr victims. And because of toxic choices like that, I would often feel sluggish and far less than 100% sometimes for hours a day. And not feeling like my footloose/fancy free/Mrs. Giddy self just isn’t going to cut it!

I knew I needed a change, but wasn’t sure what road to take. But amidst my wondering I met Stacy Olinger at one of my favorite yoga studios, she is a holistic wellness clinician and massage therapist in Tomball. I’ve been undergoing nutrition therapy with her for a few weeks now and loving it!

After testing my alkaline/acidity balance Stacy suggested I consume more vegetables and limit acidic foods in order to gain a more alkaline balance in the body.  Disease and acidic bodies are like strangers in the night, bound to find each other, so I’m happy to be on a journey to the more alkaline side of the street. Results from a separate exhaustive nutrition test displayed where my body needed the most improvement, some areas more surprising than others. I love to learn, and talking with Stacy about changes to make in my everyday food choices make me excited for the future. I’m stoked to retake the test later this year to see how my levels have improved.

On the note of change, and in order to ensure that I am eating enough veggies I’ve decided to undergo a vegetarian test-of-sorts. I really have only known a handful of people who are vegetarian, it always seemed so out of reach for me personally. And it may very well be, but I’m going to try to follow a vegetarian eating plan as closely as possible. After doing some research on the subject I’m confident I can make the necessary alterations for three to four weeks to gauge my reaction and mood. Reading Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet is definitely a smooth motivator!

I’ve always been lean, but my goal how is just to feel AMAZING far more often. I’m gonna do it y’all!


Do you know if you are more acidic or alkaline? Ever tried the vegetarian life? Let me know in the comments! Advice welcome for this first time veggie experimenter. 🙂

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  1. So excited you’re trying out vegetarianism! As a vegetarian since birth, I have tons of tips and recipes if you’d like! 🙂

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