How Goal Setting Changed My Life VLOG

2017 was the most productive year of my life. How did I do this? Goal setting of course! I transformed my business, helped a record number of clients, tripled my income goals, completed four certifications and MORE! I shot a video to share more about my transformative year:

Video Link

‘None of these things would have HAPPENED to me’

That is 100% true. My year wouldn’t have been nearly as productive if I had just wished and dreamed about creating a better life. My productivity is what made the difference, and having an accountability partner in a professional life coach ensured that I stayed on track.

If this is your time to achieve that big goal you’ve been dreaming about know that it is possible. But you may need help, because goal setting and achieving is HARD! As a life coach it is my joy to help individuals set and achieve big life goals. That’s right, I’ve got your back!

My brand new simplified life coaching program – 1 Goal/10 Weeks – breaks down the principles of a full life coaching series into a single focus program. Meaning your dreams can become a reality in just ten weeks.

I’M READY! Learn more or sign up for the 1 Goal/10 Weeks Program!


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