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Drum roll…..Guaranteed Giddy is two years young today! In honor of the anniversary I’m giving back and I must say this is an AMAZING opportunity for you giddy gals! I love helping introverts and ambiverts come out of their shells and live with purpose. For a limited time I’m opening up this opportunity to the world and gifting a life coaching experience to one special gal!

3 Month Confidence & Life Coaching Series Giveaway




Even Colette is excited about it.

life coaching giveaway

This energy is electric!

Yes, you read that right, the giveaway is now live! I am a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach and I want to gift this special opportunity to someone who may not be able to afford a full priced coaching series. People have been very generous with me throughout my life and am giddy about the idea of giving back. Especially with something that will deeply affect one woman who will no doubt inspire others with her transformation. We all have a story to tell!

If you’ve been curious about life coaching but aren’t sure if it’s right for you keep reading. You may discover that this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for to finally move forward in your life!

‘Getting Giddy With It’ Package Giveaway
3 Month Confidence & Life Coaching Series ($649 value)

This is a hands on goal coaching and accountability experience for those in need of whole hearted support-emotionally and spiritually. Have a coach on your side for the big decisions and the smaller actions leading up to achieving your life changing, giddy filled goals. There is no limit to what you can achieve with inspirational yet appropriate goal setting, positive affirmations and continued support. This is your life, LOVE it!

-(6)1 hour coaching calls (scheduled bi monthly) where we get up close and personal with your wildest dreams and amazing progress.
– Step by step goal setting using my ‘Giddy Goals’ signature goal setting process that will help you craft goals with soul, excitement and purpose.
-Unlimited e-mail support between calls to keep your giddy momentum going and the feeling of support, sky high!
-A ‘Giddy Task Master’ (that’s me!), to keep you accountability for your awesome action steps and goals.

‘Getting Giddy With It’ Package Support

-‘Rock Your Coaching Series’ Printable-Step by step instructions on how to prepare for your series, each coaching call and get ready to welcome giddiness into your life.
-Visual Your Goals Printable-When you see your goals, you follow your goals. Alli will create a one of kind PDF with your powerful, giddy goals to display at your desk, in your car, vanity mirror or all three places!
-Guided Meditation-Learn to slow down and take 10 minutes to honor your mental well being and physical body. This is a great way to designate time to look within and be introspective about your life, goals and giddiness.

‘Getting Giddy With It’ Package Bonuses

-‘7 Giddy Journal Prompts’ E Book-This E Book will support you in going deeper with your coaching work and finding answers to those much anticipated questions! Who knew journaling was THAT powerful!?

The 3 Month Confidence & Life Coaching Giveaway Details

Entries valid August 31st – September 30th 2017

One entry per individual

Participants should be interested in personal development and be able to communicate via Skype or FaceTime during our coaching calls

Winner to be announced on October 15th 2017

Winner will have until February 2018 to begin their free 3 month life coaching series (which will be conducted via Skype/Facetime)

All entrants will be added to the GG Newsletter (you can unsubscribe at any time)


life coaching giveaway

Good luck giddy gals!

One thought on “Life Coaching Series Giveaway

  1. You are a super person, Allison! I guess I forgot to tell you that at Ambience Design- sorry. You have blossomed in so many ways, and I’m happy for you.
    I remember your bumper sticker, of the skeleton, waiting for Mr. Right:). I also remember how kindly you spoke of your siblings. That impressed me, because teenagers are not known for that quality!

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