Giddy Up!

Welcome to Guaranteed Giddy!

     You’ve reached the new, snazzy online hub created with your happiness in mind.  So much of the internet is nasty and negative.  Not at GG!  Get ready for grin inducing morning and afternoon pick-me-ups delivered to you on the daily.

Guaranteed Giddy, of which there is no liddy!  
No happiness maximum.  Sounds fantastic, right?!

     I was inspired to create GG to remind others that joy is present at all times.  I have written some about my struggles with depression.  When speaking openly about previous dark times others have opened up and shared similar experiences.  Many people deal with at a least minor level of depression at some point in their life.  We don’t hear about this issue as a daily struggle until it becomes newsworthy.  When Robin Williams sadly took his own life concealed depression articles took over the internet.  There could be someone close to you who is suffering though it may not be obvious.  Online chatter may seem insignificant but it does affect our mooditude (mood + attitude)!

The internet drives our modern world, why not have a dedicated locale for shiny, happy thoughts only?  GG is here for you!  The kickoff date is Monday, August 31st.  Be a pal and ‘like’ the facebook page and bookmark this blogsite.  I wish to spread giddy throughout my tangible and online communities but I can’t do it alone.  Go ahead, get giddy wit’ it daily at 6am and 4pm starting next week.

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