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I’ve been quitting things left and right lately, I even call myself the ‘giddy quitter’. Not in a negative way, but because I’m opening myself up to new opportunities, AKA new clients. By the way, I kind of dislike the term ‘client’ because most of my clients are more like friends!

Working one on one with people I soon learn about their entire lives. Their favorite books, kid’s names and where they grew up. But I also garner much more than the usual stuff, I’ve been training some clients for up to three years. I know their biggest fears, dreams and what they want to do when they retire. Actually it was conversation after conversation with my clients that made me realize I needed more education to help them on a deeper level. That was a big motivator for me to sign up for the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy.

I know transitioning from doing just personal training and now adding life coaching and nutrition counseling will help me reach more people. At this point in time I have a wide variety of personal training clients. I usually train empty nesters but even have a couple of high school and college students I see in the gym too!

Young ladies are who I will help most with life coaching, helping them claim their confidence and realize that positivity will open themselves up to bountiful life opportunities. I wish I had someone to push me with this attitude shift as a young girl, even though I’m forever grateful that I found help in my late twenties. Everybody deserves to feel confident so why wait?

It’s true I had to quit playing on my weekly league tennis team, ‘Brace Yourself’, with some truly awesome women with the Houston Ladies Tennis Association. And I will really miss volunteering at my yoga home, Yoga Pod The Woodlands. But I know that that time will be spent with new clients/friends. I also know that it’s just not time spent. These choice hours are dedicated to their more fulfilling, giddy life. Thus, the main reason Guaranteed Giddy was created.

But when I started this website, that is now a business, I never thought about the term ‘giddy quitter’. Even though I’d been a quitter a few times before, walking away from my last full time job didn’t seem all that giddy at first. I was barely working and clinged to my credit card a little more than I’d like. It was scary. But had I not quit I would never have the friends, AKA clients, that I have now. I’d still be wasting my time behind a desk.

Most individuals don’t hire personal trainer just because they want to lose weight. It always goes deeper than that. Yes, fitting in the ‘skinny jeans’ is nice but its more about a feeling of contentment, success and making time for ones self in a positive way.

Same goes for nutrition counseling. Finally eating healthy is pretty much every single American’s goal. Many commercials tell us we must eat organic yet Oprah swears she eats chips and still says slim. To be ‘healthy’, even though a broad term, is paramount. And having a hand to guide you through the process with fitness and nutrition is a strong step in a healthy direction.

Nutrition counseling and personal training help us look terrific and physically makes us feel better, it even prevents depression and lessens our chance of heart disease. But how can you actively improve your mental state? That’s where the life coaching comes in! My clients, my pals, are go-getters. They’re starting businesses. Quitting lackluster jobs. Saying ‘HERE I AM’! I get it, life coaching can seem vague. But I do know this, it is a transformative experience and unique to each individual.

Therapists and counselors do a wonderful job of sorting through the past, helping us realize where we are in the present. Life coaches deal with the FUTURE. We are guides helping you set both quantifiable and emotionally charged goals for your best self. And let me tell you, it’s powerful to fully believe in your future self!

So, yea, I’m a quitter. But the good kind of ‘giddy quitter’! My quitting will bring hope to women that are ready to transform, and that is something that is truly exciting.

giddy quitter

Have you ever been a giddy quitter? Left something behind for the promise of more? I would love to hear about it!


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2 thoughts on “Giddy Quitter

  1. I love this post .you are your awesome . Endings are new beginnings too and have no doubt that amazing things will come for you.

  2. I love this post .you are your awesome . Endings are new beginnings too and have no doubt that amazing things will come for you.

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