Giddy Moves Volume 01

Welcome to a new giddy tradition, Giddy Moves is a fresh campaign designed to teach you a fun, new exercise every Monday morning. We’re all looking for a little motivation at the beginning of the week, right? One of my favorite things about working in the fitness industry is creating new workout routines, which always comes back to individual exercises!

I prefer toning exercises that work multiple muscle groups, exhuasting more that one muscle at a time guarantees a higher calorie burn, provides a coordination challenge and proves for a more efficient workout overall. The Crouching Cross Crunch targets the gluts, quadriceps, hamstrings, rectus abdominis and the obliques…AKA lower body and core. Plus, any exercise on one foot will challenge your balance and stability, meaning bonus core work! #yes

This exercise is a fine addition to any leg day, ab routine, or full body toning regimen. For best results complete 3 sets of 15-20 repetitions on each leg.


Step One: Stand with feet hip width apart, place fingers on the back of the head with the elbows open wide. Slightly bend your stabilizing leg (my right leg in the picture) then lift up your working leg (my left leg in the picture) and extend laterally.

IMG_8715Step Two: Rotate the chest and torso toward the working leg while you lift and draw the knee of the working leg toward the midline of the body. Imagine your elbow and knee are magnetized and being pulled together.

IMG_8716Step Three: Continue to rotate the chest and torso toward the bent knee, contract the abdominal muscles to achieve the ‘crunching’ part of the exercise. Release the crunch and return to the starting position.

Not sure if you’re doing it quite right? Check out the video footage.

I hope when you’re ready for your workout today (or maybe tomorrow?!) you will incorporate today’s Giddy Move, the Crouching Cross Crunch. Let me know when you give it a try, do you like the exercise? Did you find it effective?

I have a fun update for you, new blogs will drop on Mondays, Wednesdays AND now Friday’s here on Guaranteed Giddy! Come back and visit me soon, stay giddy!

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