Giddy Journal Prompt #1: Write Your Way To Happiness!

Did you know that you can write your way to happiness? Or at least more happiness on a daily basis? Thus, the giddy journal prompt series was born. I’ll be bringing fresh, thought provoking journal prompts to you on a weekly basis. My hope is that you find a love (or at least a tolerance) for writing.

Why? Because journaling provides a cornucopia of wellness benefits. Dedicating writing time within your weekly or daily routine will…

-Increase creativity levels (BOOM!)
-Allow you to gain perspective (AHHHHHH)
-Expediate the healing process (YES PLEASE!)
-Help express dreams/goals (REALLY?!)
-Boost emotional intelligence (NEEEEEEED)

Who else is impressed by all of the benefits!? Cue the ‘hand in the air’ emoji! So, now that you know the positive effects of writing, we’ve got to address the elephant in the room.

Huh, an elephant? Don’t worry about it. When talking with a few people about journaling I saw that negative emotions sometimes arise. I can relate. I used to write only in times of strife, when I was emotionally wrecked, angry and depressed. Hey, these times come to us all, and writing can absolutely aid in pain relief. But we should also look to express ourselves through writing during the good times as well. It’s easy to focus on the stress and easy-to-complain-about issues in our lives. Let’s flip the switch, giddy thoughts ahead.

I started another (limited) series on GG this week, ‘Choose Positivity During The Holidays‘. The first addition suggests daydreaming about this time of year, to write down the feelings associated with the holiday season. To get your juices flowing I’d like to share what my personal journal entry on this topic.


There are no rules with journal entries, they don’t have to be lengthy or scholastic. A word, a page, a doodle. Write in a way that makes you feel open and authentic. No one has to read it, it can be just for you. Try drawing pictures, choosing fun pens or maybe even using your phone or laptop. Whatever works, happy writing!

4 thoughts on “Giddy Journal Prompt #1: Write Your Way To Happiness!

  1. This is a great reminder to stay positive and journal in the good times too. What are a few topics you write about to get you started each day/week?

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I love going with thankfulness reminders, when you write down what you’re thankful for the earnestness from that can set you up for a great day. Writing down your strengths is another great practice as well, making you to look at yourself in a positive light and focusing on what you’re truly best at will boost your confidence 😉

  2. I just started using the journals you sent me for graduation!! One of them is being used to reflect over related moments that have happend over the last 10 years or so, that way I can gain new insights and remember the happy moments burried in the not so great ones, and keep htose at the forefront of my mind!

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