Giddy Journal Prompt #7

Get out your journal and lucky pen, it’s time for another Giddy Journal Prompt. This time I’ve got House of Mary in the mix! I am shamelessly pairing introspective work with supporting a foundation that is near and dear to my heart today. If this offends you, sorry, but it really shouldn’t. Knowing yourself better though journaling can absolutely go hand in hand supporting those in need. We journal to know ourselves, and why not help someone else seek support and self improvement?

Help me lift up the House of Mary, a foundation in Livingston, Texas that is building maternity homes for teens in crisis pregnancies. There is nothing like this in the area and teen pregnancy is quite common. Livingston is my hometown and I saw many girls become pregnant in junior high school and high school. Pregnant teens can feel ashamed, embarrassed, lost and sometimes angry. They need support and House of Mary will provide that.

Miles for Mary is a 5k and walkathon that benefits the House of Mary, it is scheduled for March 3, 2017 – next week! I would love to have you join team Giddy UP! and walk with other giddy guys and gals to support this fantastic foundation. JOIN HERE

If you can’t make it that night I would still love to have your support by donating to House of Mary. Come on, ya know ya wanna! What is $25 to you right now? That money can help build the House of Mary maternity homes! DONATE HERE

How does all of this tie in to our giddy journal prompt? Oh, it does!

Giddy Journal Prompt #7

How do you show support?

We all give to others in one way or another, and it can be linked to how we prefer to receive love. Have you taken a love languages test? Love languages range from words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, receiving gifts to quality time.

It is important to know how we like to receive support can explain how we show support. Knowing your love language will help you communicate your needs to your family, friends and partner. To feel supported we need to tell people what we like, right? I know that can be tough but the alternative is being unhappy, so what have we got to lose?

Write about what support looks like to you. What you enjoy about receiving love may inform your giving style. Dig deep, let your words flow onto the page.

Speaking of giving, have you clicked over to the team Giddy UP! page to donate to House of Mary? Young girls in Polk County need love just like anyone else. Even more so as they are stressed about their situation and future. Being a pregnant teen is not a death sentence, my mom has shown that throughout her life. She had my older sister at a young age and is a giddily married college graduate who works to help others on a daily basis. Let’s help these girls find success after a challenge!

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