Giddy Journal Prompt #6: What Do You Believe In?

It’s time for Giddy Journal Prompt #6! What a week it’s been. I have seen many polarizing statements and opinions on news and social media outlets. To put it in a word, I’m disgusted. Sorry, but it’s true. Actually, I’m not sorry. I’m just over it.

I’m not one to protest anything, I know that I am more effective one on one with people than standing among many others in a large crowd. Individual voices can get lost in crowds. Especially smaller, yet still valid, introverted voices.

But when we independently choose to sit and write, perhaps in a journal, our voice will no doubt shine through. Words we write are just for us. We can express ourselves with incomplete sentences, doodles or even nonsense. But you may surprise yourself, what you write may start to become a part of your daily conversations. Journaling may better inform your interactions with friends, co workers and family members.


Giddy Journal Prompt #6

What Do You Believe In?


No one will judge you for what you write, or don’t write. Knowing where you stand is needed today. Not needed so you can blast it out over social media, you can if you want, but for you to know and exude in your daily life.

Year after year secular culture has challenged my idea of basic, common decency. A single election has never changed that. Any number of protests could not change that. The constant is the power in in my own belief, no matter how upside down the world seems. I can like you and love you no matter what side you stand on or what you believe.

Giddiness holds no political leaning.

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  1. Wow! I love that❤ I actually started journaling too and since I’m an introvert, I found more confidence in speaking in front of people. I also now am not afraid of going up to people and initiating a conversation 👌🏻😏

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