Giddy Journal Prompt #3

The best part of journaling is that you don’t have to be an expert writer or lover of prose. It’s a little gift for yourself. And it doesn’t have to be a gift you open right now. I wrote constantly in high school and a little as a college student. It usually feels amazing to just let words and emotions spill out. But it is just as powerful (if not more) to reflect on how you’ve grown by reading back the words you’ve written.

Looking back at these journals has taught me so much. Reminders of demons that no longer serve you can build true confidence and pride. If you write a little something from today’s prompt (first of all, bravo) and secondly be sure put it in a safe place. Know where you keep your words so you can access them later on. I would suggest reading back your journals six months after at a minimum, if you go over entries too soon the power hasn’t fully matured.

Giddy Journal Prompt #3

Acknowledge Wonder

Last week I wrote about why most people are happier this time of year, because of the wonder and innocence of the season. I think it all comes back to wonder. There are many things in this world to be in awe of, to not quite understand and to perhaps wonder about. Maybe you wonder about the future, what will 2017 hold? Acknowledge your wonder, you may find a subject you’d like to explore a little more. Step into the unknown and put your words to paper.

giddy journal prompt


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