Giddy Journal Prompt #2

Welcome to the second installment of Giddy Journal Prompts! I hope last week’s prompt inspired you. With the Election finally complete I feel like a decompression has wafted over my life. Mainly because I’ve stayed off of social media (namely Facebook) since the results rolled in. Social media is great in many ways…but not when everyone becomes an ‘expert’ political pundit every four years! I’m not usually a fan of escapism but it’s been necessary the last couple of days. Yikes!

Yep, that’s right. We can’t escape the reality of the election, no matter who you voted for. Sorry, but somone has to say it! We must accept the results. I hope to not hear ‘he’s not MY president’ like I’ve heard from some about Obama for the next four years.

Lets take this acceptance into journal form. What we think and write is important.

Giddy Journal Prompt

Write about things you’ve accepted. Things that were easy to come to terms with, others that were not. Put your emotions behind these instances into expression, maybe even comparison.

As always, journal with an open heart. Thank you to 905 East Studios for this photo!

Open heart

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