A Giddy January: Month In Review!

The first month of 2018 was altogether exciting, exhausting and is almost over (whoo)! I made a goal to post two blogposts a week…and with this recap I reached my goal. Hey, I’ll take it! Just in case you didn’t see all the action served up here GG here’s a li’l recap:

How Goal Setting Changed My Life VLOG (video blog)

2017 was the most productive year of my life. How did I do this? Goal setting of course! I transformed my business, helped a record number of clients, tripled my income goals, completed four certifications and MORE!

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Interpreting Wellness Resolutions

‘I want to firm up’

Interpretation: I have to wear a bathing suit in public this year!

Tips: I’m a firm (hehe) believer in strength training for all men and women, BUT ESPECIALLY WOMEN. So many females stray away from resistance training even though it is the easiest way to create lean muscle mass (which will make you look amazing) and lose fat (the more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn every hour). Buy some weights or bands and get to it. Split up your workouts during the week and start slow.

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Choosing a Word For The Year

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Surviving The New Year

The fact is that this time of year is survival worthy! Even more so through tough times that January can bring. It’s a new year, so much to look forward to. Instead of relapsing or making drastic life changes choose support.

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Galentine’s Goal Setting Giveaway

Though much introspection I’ve learned that one of my strongest desires is to support and develop connections with other women. Finding ‘my people’ has been such an exciting journey in the last couple of years and I plan to continue this in 2018. Sharing my talents as a guide with this goal setting giveaway is exactly what I need to put out in the world right now.

life coaching giveaway

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Why You Should Write (especially introverts)!

I’ve had many life coaching clients state ‘I’m not much of a writer’, and after a few action steps including journal assignments confessed ‘It felt so good to write things out’.

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80% Nutrition + 10% Training + 10% Genetics + 100% You!

Imagine metabolism as a fire; you wouldn’t dump a huge pile of logs on top a couple times a day. It would be better to slowly add smaller a amounts of sticks throughout the day to keep the fire burning steady.

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Stay tuned for February’s posts – including a new E Book for sale! *SO EXCITED*

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