Giddy Holiday Cheer Project

Hello Giddy-ans!  Do you know someone who needs an extra spark of joy this holiday season?  I’m here for ya!  Or them, or whoever!  I have a fat stack of darling custom Giddy Christmas cards that are just dying to get out there into the world!

Giddy Holiday Cheer Project

My goal is to spread cheer to 50 people this holiday season, but I need your help!

Nominate a pal or family member who needs a little giddy in their life.  You can even nominate yourself, I won’t tell anyone!  Email the following to by December 19th:

—Recipients Name.
—Recipients Mailing Address.
—Recipients FAVORITE thing ever!

There may or may not be confetti involved with these holiday sentiments.  I guess you’ll just have to find out for yourself…keep your dustpan handy just in case.

Spread giddy joy this holiday season!  Love, share and express your gratitude for those special people in your life.  *big smile*

Giddy Cheer2

Giddy Cheer3

Giddy Cheer1

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