Giddy Galentine Snail Mail Registration

Will you be my giddy galentine? Not sure what that means? I’ve got you covered.

Giddy – make (someone) feel excited to the point of disorientation.

Galentine – a valentine who is a dear gal pal.

To be my giddy galentine means you will receive a valentine snail mail surprise from yours truly! What is my reasoning behind this simple project? To bring a smile to your face when you open your mail*!

Don’t forget you can also offer your family and friend’s addresses and I will send them a giddy greeting in the mail.

Register for Giddy Galentine Snail Mail 

giddy galentine snail mail

Register for Galentine Giddy Snail Mail

Three things to know about Giddy Galentine Snail Mail:
1- This service is 100% complimentary! GG is giving without expectation, take the bait friends!
2- This is for anyone who wants/needs more giddy in their life. You can register yourself or a friend or a family member (or all three)!
3- Snail mail is awesome (obviously). Who doesn’t want to find an actual piece of handwritten mail among those credit card offers and grocery store ads?!

*By providing your mailing address I agree that:
-I will receive a GG snail mail surprise and be totally stoked about it.
-My mailing address will not be shared or used for any other reason.

giddy galentine snail mail

Register for Giddy Galentine Snail Mail 

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