Giddy Gal of the Month March 2017: Cyndie Schmidt

I’m pleased to announce yet another Giddy Gal of the Month (GGOTM), for March it’s Cyndie Schmidt! House of Mary (HOM) co-founder, graphic designer, mom of THREE and lifelong creative, Cyndie knows how to give and get giddy like a pro. I’m a firm believer that when you find where you belong your entire circle of influence benefits. Giddy gals are multifaceted success story subjects!

Initially I was drawn to interview Cyndie because of her tireless work for the christian ministry foundation House of Mary. But I’ll get back to that in just a second! In addition to her efforts with HOM, Cyndie fills her cup by flexing her creative muscles. Sidebar: I imagine creative muscles are glittery and rainbow colored. Back to Cyndie! She stays giddily busy with graphic design work. Although she hesitates to call it ‘work’. Her home is as colorful as she is, and with her three little ones rampaging about (or rather coyly waving from a far away doorway) I could sense how full her life was.

Cyndie joked that her husband Andy describes her life as ‘Stay at home mom by day and graphic designer by night, it’s like my wife is a lady of the night!’. Hearing how Cyndie contributes her skills to the world showed me so much about her character. The Giddy Gal of the Month pours her innovative skills into christian companies like the radio station KSBJ and also with local outreach publications and private clients. She loves the ‘creativity and challenge of graphic design’.

When asked what she could not live without that makes her giddy she first said ‘Netflix’ but then laughed it off, this giddy gal is a veracious reader and especially loves the Selection series. Cyndie is drawn to young adult novels for two reasons. This GGOTM is young at heart and also wouldn’t be worried if her seven year old daughter picked one up and started reading it! Smart gal. A true creative, Cyndie is also a hand lettering fanatic and finds herself doodling when she has an extra minute. Which I can’t imagine is too often with three children, but she makes it work!

Let’s get back to the fabulous cause for teens in need in which Cyndie is proud co-founder, House of Mary. HOM was founded in 2014 and is charitable foundation in Livingston, Texas that is striving to build maternity homes for young girls in crisis pregnancies.

Cyndie and two other women from First Baptist Livingston separately prayed for an answer to this issue. Looking for guidance as to how to help the community in this aspect. On a regular weekday night just like any other it all came together. All three women realized they shared the same dream to build a safe haven for young women in need. Their visions were kismet, thus HOM was born.

Three years later the breaking ground is closer than ever to becoming a reality. The land is secure, the blueprints are ready and the funds to build the first home are almost gathered. To see Cyndie, a young woman herself, striving to help teens under direst is noble. I can’t wait until ground is broken on the first home and the ladies of HOM can shower girls in need with unconditional love.

Being a GGOTM is all about giving joy to others. I cannot imagine a better way to share your heart than giving shelter and support to those in transition from girl to mom. Way to go Cyndie!

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As well as a pat on the back, which Cyndie of course deserves, we invite you to share your heart as well. Would you donate to House of Mary? The Crowdrise link for team Giddy UP! supporting Miles for Mary, a walkathon for House of Mary, is live for a few more days:

Donate to HOM and team Giddy UP!

Or you can learn more and hopefully donate directly to House of Mary on their website:

Stay giddy friends and never stop giving back! It keeps you young (and beautiful).

2017 House of Mary Update Video

HOM Land Secured!


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  1. Hi Alli!
    How did I miss all this House of Mary stuff?!….it sounds like a GREAT thing for Polk County! I don’t know Cyndie but WOW what a blessing she is.

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