Giddy Gal of the Month January 2017: Ashley Takacs of A. Tak Crafts

Ashley Takacs is a necklace maker AND the first Giddy Gal of the Month in 2017! She started crafting unique, colorful statement necklaces in September of 2015. Meet Ashley, the creative behind A. Tak Crafts!

a. tak crafts

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I am a proud owner of not just one but TWO A. Tak Craft designs! She even made a custom necklace for my Blogiversary/30th Birthday Anniversary Party. How cool is that?!

giddy gal of the month

My gal pal Lauren and I wearing our A. Tak craft beauties! Eurri Kim Photography

Making necklaces is not her full time gig but it is a passion project. Ashley shared that she and her husband, Zach, ‘sit on the couch, watch Netflix and make necklaces on the weekends ’. Her husband mostly does his own work but has been known to help out with sorting beads from time to time. How cute it that? Plus they’re being really productive WHILE binge watching TV, I wish I could say the same! They love binging Fringe, CSI: New York and Bones.

a. tak crafts

Ashley is loving her creative outlet with A. Tak Crafts, but there is something else that is tugging at her giddy heart strings.

This is the really fun part of the interview because her big giddy idea is a secret project. Yes, Ashley has some big plans on the horizon that will use more of her passions to work with creatives ‘What makes me giddy is helping others and solving problems, assisting with the TA-DAAA! moments’. When she finishes a necklace she gets that moment of TA-DAAA, ‘look what I did’! But her future endeavors will help others achieve that moment of success and satisfaction. Oooooh, I don’t know about you but I’m intrigued!

Designing necklaces has given Ashley confidence within the creative community. She’s a friend to many fabulous entrepreneurs in the Houston area as she assists with the Rising Tide Society’s local chapter, Tuesdays Together Houston. H-Town is quite the hotbed for bloggers, creativepreneurs and overall go-getters. Ashley also indulged that she is saying YES to more dancing in 2017, of all kinds including ‘dorky white girl dancing’. Now you know the real reason why I chose her for the Giddy Gal of the Month, right?! A girl after my own heart!

a. tak crafts

Not only will she be having fun but she’s also being intentional in 2017 with her business goals, in fact ‘intentional’ is her word for the year. That alone makes me even more excited to see what Ashley comes up with this year! She will be popping up at numerous local Houston craft markets and working on that illusive, albeit curious secret project.

To keep up with Ashley’s future endeavors please follow her on social media:

A. Tak Crafts Facebook Page

A. Tak Crafts Instagram

And go ahead and buy one of her necklaces on the A. Tak Crafts Etsy store already! I get soooo many compliments when I wear mine. Plus, this purchase will surely make you giddy (duh).

a. tak crafts


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    1. Thank you Chas! I think that is a terrific idea! Plus it will get those creative juices flowing, you’ve always had that flair!!! 🙂 Go for it. If you need help let me know!!

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