Giddy Gal of the Month: Brittney Guest

I’m so excited to announce the freshest Giddy Gal of the Month – Brittney Guest. Artist and all around darling dame wears the imaginary GGOTM sash for February. Heeeeere’s Brittney!

giddy gal of the month

Confession: I’ve actually never met Brittney face to face. Wait, does FaceTime count?! I guess technically not. We have an equally fabulous friend in common, Sara Weaver, who brought us together online. Thanks Sara!

Brittney designed a custom drawing for our mutual pal and after seeing it on Instagram I filed it under ‘terrific illustrator’ somewhere in mind. When I caught up with Sara at my brother’s wedding last fall I found out that Brittney was the artist. Quickly after I perused her quirky, lovable instagram feed I knew we had to work together.

Soon Brittney drew my Christmas card, a precious gift for my New York family and my little baby friend’s first birthday present! All of which are featured at the bottom of this post.

Even though I felt like I already knew BG we set up some time to chat all things Britney via FaceTime. She loves her ModCloth dresses (with pockets, of course), La La Land and running. With her graphic design degree from Arkansas State University not only is she an illustrator, she also dabbles in photography. Brittney is truly authentic to herself. One of my favorite drawings of hers shows a young BG touting ‘I’m not weird, I’m just limited edition’! YES, PLEASE!

Her one giddy activity that she would choose over anything else? Drawing of course! But BG is also a big runner, she’s taken up pounding the pavement in the last year and has fallen in love. But her main motivation wasn’t to get in shape, it was to overcome her fear of birds! Yep, you read that right. There is big gaggle of geese at her local park in Jonesboro and she knew she had to conquer this fear of birds. Thus she began taking jogs through the park.

giddy gal of the month brittney guest

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m strongly picturing her running style like Phoebe from Friends. You know that one episode where she insists on running like a kid, with her arms flailing and not a care in the world. Sure, Phoebe looks a tad crazy but was so happy, dare I say giddy, doing it!

Brittney draws every single day, whether it be for her own amusement, work or designing gifts for others. Presents are her favorite! Speaking of favorites, her most coveted drawing of all time is over thirty years old. BG drew a picture of her newborn sister and described it as a ‘smiley face on top of a burrito’. Brittney Guest: The Early Years! I hope she remakes it for all of us to see someday.

We bonded over the fact that being fiercely individualistic some people may have trouble describing us. Unique comes up A LOT. Brittney wants you to ‘keep being yourself and don’t let anyone tell you to be anyone BUT yourself’ and, to always ‘KEEP IT WEIRD’! One of her personal mottos that her friends remind her of, ‘Keep Brittney Weird’ and everything will be okay. Seriously, y’all, she’s the coolest. And I had to throw y’all in there because BG’s accent is not for the faint at heart. This native Arkansan takes her art AND drawl very seriously. I love it!

giddy gal of the month

I’m so giddy to feature Brittney as the GGOTM, please catch some of her joy by following her on Instagram: ArtistBrittneyG or if you’re in Jonesboro, Arkansas check her her professional work for the monthly publication, Jonesboro Occasions. Don’t miss Brittney’s website where you can request custom drawings and read more about what makes her tick, her blog is on point!

giddy gal of the month february brittney guest

giddy gal of the month february brittney guest

giddy gal of the month february brittney guest

Is there any better gift than a one of kind drawing? My family and friends flipped over these custom illustrations. I framed the original drawing of our Christmas card to use as decor for holiday seasons to come. BG is easy to work with, offers affordable pricing and has a super quick turnaround as long as it’s not deadline week at work. As she writes on her Britt Wit Blog, she is very busy! In the most giddy way, of course.

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