How To Be Giddy On Election Day (really!)

I know, I know. It can seem challenging to finding happiness on Election Day. Just thinking about November 8th (WHICH IS TODAY!) gives me goosebumps. And anxiety. And now I’m sweating!

Oh boy. Or girl!?

Like Brene Brown says, to live a whole hearted life we must honor and accept the good and the bad. We can’t ignore stressors in our life. We must accept not-so-easy situations we find ourselves in. Today is really about acceptance.

No matter your political, pizza or cocktail party you represent there will be winners and losers today. We don’t all get what we want, and that’s life. You can hope, pray or meditate on the outcome. You can bust out your custom presidential version voo doo dolls and get to sticking. Whatever you do, believe in it. Own it.

But also…be respectful with your opinion. It is yours, and you have a right to share it, but stick with the golden rule. Be as politically ‘in your face’ as you’d like someone from the other side of the aisle be to you.

Today is a big day, good luck to you, your sanity and your candidate. Choose a smile before judgement. Golden rule. Golden rule. Golden rule. Much love, giddy friends!


Super patriotic photo by Sherman McCain!

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