Getting Real About Your Workout Routine

It’s still January, which means you may be struggling with getting real about your workout routine. Is it prospering? Non existent? Somewhere in between. No matter where you’re at please know that all of those terribly tan, too skinny models on instagram don’t have to be your motivation to get in the gym. My personal fitness regimen doesn’t include spray tans, magical wraps or stage makeup. An Alli workout does welcome breaking a sweat, a go with the flow attitude and a ‘not expecting to take a gym selfie’ style.

I’m shocked that I’ve never written about this before, but I’m constantly overwhelmed by the vanity that is paired with the fitness industry. All of the perfection seeking plastic surgery and the Barbie-esque expectations. This is what is constantly piled onto the everyday multi-tasking woman. Is this sick ideal all we have to look up to? That and Kelly Ripa?

I’d like another role model please!

Even though, overall, Kelly Ripa seems alright.

Okay, sure I’m soap boxing A LITTLE, but I’ve been working in the fitness industry since I was in college. It’s not enough to be strong but I have to look like a hairless, forever tanned skeleton ready to step into a fashion photo shoot? What happened to the normal people who just want to be fit?! I feel like this group is beginning to be represented more in commercials and advertisements, but for every average joe there is at least ten thousand Victoria’s Secret angels. Sigh.

When we go to the gym (or studio or park) we should be comfortable to move, crush goals and simply be real. It’s okay to be a mess! Get sweaty, and maybe even listen to some cheesy music if it helps get you through. Bad music can really motivate me. Personally, I like to rock out to ‘Ride Like The Wind’ by Christopher Cross when I’m working on my pull up record. Which is eleven by the way! Insert scared face emoji here.

Don’t let the perfect girl at the front of the class annoy you. She’s getting it done! Do you think the guy at the squat wreck is judging you because your messy bun is a little too messy? He’s not. He’s doing his own work out and is probably thinking about what he’s going to eat next. Most people at the gym are focused on themselves and not worried about others. Not necessarily in a narcissistic way, but because a workout should be considered ‘me time’.

So if you’re sweating because you feel like you don’t belong, tag a long with a friend or maybe even hire a personal trainer to show you the ropes. Taking care of our one and only body is paramount! Who cares if you don’t have the lululemon crops paired with the VS Sport bra. You do not have to take a pouty lip selfie in front of the mirror. Don’t get caught up in what you see online about working out. Just do YOUR thing!

You deserve detoxification, confidence in your functional movement and that post work out high! Ahhhhhhhhh! Get there. Do the work. Don’t worry about looking the part. Take your focus inward, not outward.

Need help getting started? E-mail me. This snazzy personal trainer is here for you. Even if it’s just an encouraging push to get in your car to go to the gym or step out the door for a walk. I also offer online and in personal training sessions. My sole purpose for becoming a personal trainer, and keeping with it, is my love for transformation. There is nothing more beautiful than when someone wants to improve themselves and starts to see the positive changes through their hard work. That can be you. I know it.

my fitness regimen

Who cares what other people think!? Get out there!


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